Staff Directory

Dean's Office
Dr. A. Gregory Cant

Phone: 973-655-4305
E-mail: canta@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290H, SBUS
Dr. Kimberly Hollister Dr. Kimberly Hollister

Vice Dean
Phone: 973-655-7521
E-mail: hollisterk@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290F, SBUS
Prof. Frank Aquilino Prof. Frank Aquilino

Associate Dean
Phone: 973-655-3306
E-mail: aquilinof@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290E, SBUS
Ms. Betsy Rosini Dr. Elizabeth Rosini

Assistant Dean
Phone: 973-655-3357
E-mail: rosinie@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290J, SBUS
Phil Mattia Mr. Phil Mattia

Director of Web Content and Communications
Phone: 973-655-7949
E-mail: mattiap@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290C, SBUS
Ms. Lori Murray Ms. Lori Murray

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-3306
E-mail: murrayl@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 290, SBUS
Ellyn A. McColgan Student Services Center - Academic Advising
Mr. Eric Moskovitz Mr. Eric Moskovitz

Director, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 973-655-6815
E-mail: moskovitze@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170E, SBUS
Olga Dembicki Ms. Olga Dembicki

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4303
E-mail: dembickio@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170, SBUS
Juleen Wang Ms. Juleen Wang

Student Services Specialist
Phone: 9736553811
E-mail: wangj@montclair.edu
Office #: 170G, SBUS
Ellyn A. McColgan Student Services Center - Career Services
Ms. Diane E. Freedman Ms. Diane E. Freedman

Director, Career Services
Phone: 973-655-6965
E-mail: freedmand@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170C, SBUS
Ms. Mariah Mayers Ms. Mariah Mayers

Assistant Director
Phone: 973-655-3200
E-mail: mayersm@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170B, SBUS
Ms. Marryum Hafeez Ms. Marryum Hafeez

Phone: 973-655-3755
E-mail: hafeezm@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170D, SBUS
MBA Office
Dr. Nicole Koppel Dr. Nicole Koppel

MBA Director
Phone: 973-655-7518
E-mail: koppeln@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 336A, SBUS
Ms. Jonida Dervishi Ms. Jonida Dervishi

MBA Assistant Director
Phone: 973-655-4051
E-mail: dervishij@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 330B, SBUS
Ms. Natalie Williams Ms. Natalie Williams

MBA Program Assistant
Phone: 973-655-3173
E-mail: williamsna@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 330A, SBUS
Ms. Madeleine R. Morrow

Program Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4269
E-mail: morrowma@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 430, SBUS
Ms. Fran Shultz Ms. Fran Shultz

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-5255
E-mail: shultzf@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 530B, SBUS
Information Management & Business Analytics
Ms. Dawn Ferrara

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-7847
E-mail: ferrarad@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 492, SBUS
Accounting & Finance
Ms. Dana Harris Ms. Dana Harris

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4174
E-mail: harrisd@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 392, SBUS
Ms. Lynda Trainor Ms. Lynda Trainor

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4254
E-mail: trainorl@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 592, SBUS
International Disney Program
Mr. Mostafa Omara Mr. Mostafa Omara

Assistant Director, International Disney Program
Phone: 973-655-3402
E-mail: omaram@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 170F, SBUS
Instructional Services & Technology
Mr. Roger Salomon Mr. Roger Salomon

Phone: 973-655-7769
E-mail: salomonr@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 230E, SBUS
Mr. Johnathan Bamber Mr. Johnathan Bamber

Web/Database Developer
Phone: 973-655-3043
E-mail: bamberj@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 230C, SBUS
Brian Warner Mr. Brian Warner

Technology Support Desktop Specialist
Phone: 973-655-6794
E-mail: warnerb@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 230B, SBUS