5 Year BS/MS in Accounting

The School of Business is proud to announce a new 5 Year program for Accounting students.  The 5 Year program combines two successful degree programs, the B.S. and M.S in Accounting. The benefits of this new program are:


  • Students who choose this degree will have an advantage by being better prepared for their professional careers in a shorter timeframe
  • GMAT exam isn't required for acceptance to the program
  • Program will prepare students to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), as well as fulfill their required 150 credit hours of study
  • Three graduate courses in the 4th year are charged at undergraduate pricing

Program Specifics:

By focusing on real-world applications of accounting theories and principles, you’ll gain the skills you need to identify, analyze, interpret and disseminate financial information.

Through our program’s combination of coursework, case studies, and experiential opportunities, you’ll be able to:


  • Analyze and solve budgetary and financial problems
  • Use accounting for planning and control
  • Conduct an audit
  • Engage in tax planning and preparation
  • Prepare for a career in public and corporate accounting, tax preparation, management accounting, financial consulting

Application Process:

Students can apply to enter the undergraduate portion of the 5 Year program following the completion of 90 undergraduate credits. Students must have 21 of the 90 undergraduate credits pertaining to accounting. In the final semester of the undergraduate portion of the program, students must formally apply to The Graduate School for admission into the MS portion of the program. Students admitted in the 5 Year program are not expected to take the GMAT.