Information & Operations Management

The Tools You Need for a Competitive Edge

Information technology continues to be an important competitive edge in the global marketplace. Informed business decisions made based on accurate, timely, and relevant industry information lead to company success. Increasingly, information technology and their management have received tremendous attention due to its significant role in the management of Big Data and Business Analytics. How we leverage and manage Information Systems technologies have a direct impact on our ability to analyze corporate data for performing Business Analytics and intelligence. Montclair State’s Information & Operations Management Department prepares tomorrow’s managers of Information Technology and Business Analytics with the knowledge and tools they need to compete successfully.


MIS Majors Receive Highest Salary According to Recent Survey. Click here for more information.


What we prepare you for:

Our MIS (Management Information Systems) (now Management of Information and Technology – MIT) major prepares you to be the Systems Analyst who manages and analyzes good information (intelligence) for the organization and becomes the bridge between the business and technology. Some of the entry level positions that you will start at are Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Operations Analyst, Process Analyst etc.

Our program helps you to develop the skills you need to improve business performance with strategic implementation of technology within an organization.  System Analysts study and analyze an organization’s current IT systems and procedures. They bring business and information technology together by understanding both. They are viewed in the organization as solutions providers. Here’s what they generally do:

1.) Consult with management to determine the role of IT system in an organization
2.) Devise ways to make existing IT systems meet new needs
3.) Determine requirements for new systems and changes to existing systems
4.) Research emerging technologies to decide if installing them can increase the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency
5.) Prepare an analysis of costs and benefit to help management make decisions regarding computer systems


Quick Facts: Systems Analyst

2010 Median Pay $77,740 per year or $37.38 per hour
Entry-Level EducationBachelor’s degree
Number of Jobs, 2010 544,400
Job Outlook, 2010-202022% (Faster than average)
Employment Change, 2010-2020120,400 *
Projected increase in 201629%



Our Information and Operations Management Department offers concentrations in:




Connect with the Business Community

Recent students put classroom learning into practice with internships in Sony Music Entertainment, Gucci, UPS, ADP, Prudential and many other organizations.


With a concentration in one of these areas, you will be uniquely positioned to use information technologies to manage core business functions within a range of business organizations.  Our dedicated faculty is there to provide you with the analytical and qualitative skills you'll need to plan, develop, and deploy technology-driven business solutions.


Our programs are supported by real-world training.  Easy access to New York City lets us offer internship and co-op learning opportunities that will support and enhance your classroom experience.   

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