Dr. Ruben Xing

Professor | Information Management & Business Analytics | Montclair State University - Feliciano School of Business

Phone: 973-655-4252
E-mail: xingr@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 462, SBUS
Dr. Ruben Xing

Ruben Xing is currently a professor at the department of Information Management & Business Analytics, School of Business, Montclair State University. Professor Xing received his PhD and the double Master degrees from Columbia University, New York in 1992.  Having worked for more than 15 years in Wall Street, Dr. Xing has held senior IT management positions at several large financial conglomerates. He was a Vice President at Global E-Strategy Department of Citigroup, Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch, a Senior Information System Manager at Credit Suisse in metropolitan New York.  He has been a topic speaker at Wall Street Executives Strategic Development Forum for many years to date.  Dr. Xing is also a lecturing scholar and a keynote speaker for several international universities and conferences.  He has been a listed scholar by “Top 100 Leaders of US Business Magazine of 2012”, “US Who’s Who” since 2002. Dr. Xing’s current research interests include Emerging Technology & Business Intelligence Development, Cloud and Mobile Computing with Information Security, Supply Chain with Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Planning, Green IT with Global Ecological and Social Issues.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Internet Security
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Business and Educational Institutes
  • IT Challenges in Global Competition
  • Business Strategy Development with IT Innovations and Moving Trends