Dr. Mark E. Hill

Associate Professor | Marketing | Montclair State University - Feliciano School of Business

Phone: 973-655-4281
E-mail: hillm@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 564, SBUS

Mark E. Hill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing teaching courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, and Consumer Behavior.  He brings to the classroom more than 20 years of academic and professional experience.  Dr. Hill has published numerous articles on subjects related to marketing thinking.  In 2006, Professor Hill received the Best Article for 2001 awarded by the journal of Marketing Education Review on “Teaching and Effectiveness: Another Look,” honored at the 2006 Society for Marketing Advances Annual Conference.  His works include titles such as “The Curiosity in Marketing Thinking,” “The Obstacles to Marketing Thinking,” “A Marketing Paradox,” “That Which is ‘Not:’ Forgetting,” and “An Indefinite Consumer(s).” Each provides a foundational piece to Marketing Strategy in Play: Questioning to Create Difference, a Business Expert Press publication, 2010.  In addition, his second book Marketing Strategy: The Thinking Involved, is a textbook focusing on the thinking behind strategy, to be available in 2011/2012.   

He received his Doctorate degree in Marketing from Southern Illinois University and has an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to his academic career, Dr. Hill worked as an Aerospace Engineer for General Electric, a Technical Manager for American Airlines, and a Marketing Representative for Unison Industries.  He has been a consultant to companies across the United States providing services in the areas of marketing thinking, marketing strategy, and marketing research.