Dr. Stacey Kessler

Associate Professor | Management | Montclair State University - Feliciano School of Business

Phone: 973-655-3280
E-mail: kesslers@mail.montclair.edu
Office #: 456, SBUS
Dr. Stacey Kessler

Dr. Stacey R. Kessler received her Ph D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida and is currently an Associate Professor of management at Montclair State University. Dr. Kessler’s research interests center around counterproductive work behavior (deviant behaviors in the workplace), Machiavellianism/leadership, and organizational structure. She is the author of numerous articles published in a variety of journals including the Journal of Management, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, and the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Recently she earned the Ramie Sagie New Scholar Award from the International Society for the Study of Work & Organizational Values.


Dr. Kessler teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in leadership and organizational behavior. She has also taught a course centered on micro-finance and analytic decision making to U.S. and Thai students in Chiang-Mei, Thailand. Dr. Kessler is the recipient of a 2010 foundation grant from Target to conduct a leadership workshop for MSU business school students.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Counterproductive Work Behavior and its Effect on Organizations, Employees, and Customers
  • Leadership and Dark Side Personality Traits (Machiavellianism)
  • Organizational Climate/Structure