Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadlines:

Full Manuscripts, Case Studies, Abstracts and Research in Progress, Proposal for Poster Session and Doctoral Symposium by March 31, 2016.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submissions must be formatted as follows: Letter sized page (8.5″x11″ or 216×279 mm), with one-inch (2.5 cm) margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font. List all the end notes and bibliography at the end of the manuscript
  2. Paper should strictly adhere to the APA format and .reference style 
  3. Submit manuscript/abstract/proposal via email attachment in MS word to your respective area coordinator and also email a soft copy to limbuy@mail.montclair.edu and info@sgbed.com
  4. At least one author should  register and  participate at the conference to present their work.
  5. Please indicate submission type: Full Competitive Paper, Special Topics/Poster Session/Panel Session, Abstracts, Doctoral Dissertation

Full Competitive Papers:

All submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

  1. The cover page should include authors’ information: names, affiliation, mailing address, email address, telephone and fax numbers along with the name of the primary author for further contact.
  2. All full competitive papers should not exceed 30 pages, double-spaced; including references, tables and figures.
  3. Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract, not to exceed 200 words, with key-words as appropriate for the theme.

Submission of Abstracts:

Provide full name, affiliation, contact information, email, phone number in a separate page; and bibliography is not counted towards the page limit. The abstract should be limited to a maximum of 4 pages in double spaced.  Provide an abstract and state the key word(s) as appropriate for the theme of your submission. The abstract should highlight research objectives, theoretical framework and/or hypotheses, proposed research methodology and results (if applicable), and expected contribution to literature as well as managerial implications. 

Special Topic/Panel Sessions:

Competitive proposals are invited on special topics or proposals for panel sessions that are relevant to the conference theme.  Describe the topic, issues and its importance to academics and business community. Limit the written proposal to a maximum of about 4 pages in double space; for each proposal identify a maximum of three panelists and provide a brief bio on each panelist in a separate cover page. Panel session will last for about 1hr & 15 minutes. 

Doctoral Competitive Proposals:

Provide title of research, full name of the author, abstract, key-words and a summary of dissertation proposal.  Limit the number of pages to about 15 pages in double space; provide references to the end and this page is not counted towards page requirement.

Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  • The abstract must primarily report on new work within the field of Natural Resource Management and Economics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, or Sustainability. Reviews of previous work are not permissible for contributed presentations.
  • Limit the abstract to 2500 characters (approx. 400 words). 
  • Report specific results of the study and their implications; the results may be preliminary. Abstracts without explicitly stated results will be rejected. It is understandable that abstracts that describe non-traditional work may lack quantitative data; however, it is still expected that the abstract will address specific questions and have a “take-home message” with specific findings.
  • Abstracts must be clear. Poorly written abstracts will be returned or rejected if suggested changes are not incorporated.
  • Abstracts must be written in English and must follow standard grammar and punctuation rules. Poster presentations must be in English. Abstracts that do not meet the standards will be rejected.
  • For every author listed, their name, institution(s), and email ids are required.
  • Missing coauthors is a common issue. Please check to make sure that co-author(s) are included.
  • Any author can be designated as the presenting author. The presenting author’s name should appear in bold text.
  • Please indicate the corresponding author by placing the corresponding author’s name in italics. In order to receive notifications from us, it is important to make sure the correct person is indicated and his/her email is entered correctly.

If you are unsure if your presentation meets our guidelines, please ask us. We would rather talk to you about any issues in advance than send you a rejection notice in May. Please submit your poster abstracts here.

Direct questions to Dr. Amy R. Tuininga tuiningaa@mail.montclair.edu with a copy to limbuy@mail.montclair.edu

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