Employers Investing In Talent

Find employers who put their talent first. That’s the job search advice Sjoerd Gehring offered to Feliciano School of Business MBA students during his recent MBA Executive Speaker Series presentation. Working for a company that invests in the professional development of its employees is more critical to the success of this generation than it was to the last.

“Due to rapidly changing technology, we need to reinvent ourselves every four years to stay relevant as opposed to the four times our parents had to in their careers,” said Gehring, Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Johnson & Johnson. 

The Fortune 50 company recruits more than 1 million candidates annually and values its talent as its ultimate asset, said Gehring, who oversees all of the company’s global activities. He was responsible for reinventing Johnson & Johnson’s recruitment function from the ground up, including developing their global talent acquisition strategy and devising innovative and progressive sourcing, selection and assessment processes to ensure J&J continues to attract and retain a globally diverse pipeline of talent.

Gehring’s primary focus and passion is developing the next generation of recruiting platforms and channels and employing the rapid prototyping of ideas that disrupt conventional recruiting strategies. He is widely recognized as a thought leader in the talent acquisition space and has several patents pending with the United States Patent Office for cutting-edge talent acquisition technologies.

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