Dr. Rashmi Jain Appointed By Governor Christie To iPHD Board

Information Management & Business Analytics Department

Governor Christie has appointed Feliciano School of Business Professor, Rashmi Jain, as a member (with technical expertise) to the iPHD Project Governing Board. The iPHD is an Integrated Population Health Database, which provides the centralized infrastructure to link health data with social data, for research purposes, on a project by project basis, while protecting the privacy and security of the data. The iPHD provides policymakers, researchers, Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), community groups, and other public support programs the tools they need to identify more efficient data driven policies to address some of the most complex and expensive health and social issues affecting the state.

The iPHD Board was created in 2016 to oversee and manage the New Jersey Integrated Public Health Database (iPHD), Among its several responsibilities is to create and maintain a statewide integrated data system that will, among other things, enable researchers to use de-identified data to explore population-level problems cutting across multiple systems and sectors. Members of iPHD governing body include, among others, the Commissioner of Human Services, the State Treasurer, the Attorney General, or their designees, and representatives of the President of the Senate and of the Speaker of the General Assembly and two public members (Rashmi holds one of these positions).