Dr. Zey Shares Opinion On Fake News

Management Department

Dr. Michael Zey, Feliciano School of Business professor in the department of management, appeared on the Hall Communications network talk show "Self Talk Radio" hosted by Sarah Spencer.  The interview dealt with issues such as social media, millennials, and the "fake news" phenomenon. 

Dr. Zey is a semi-regular contributor on the Hall Communications network on a host of issues, including social media, the economy, and the impact of life expansion on our society. The Hall network encompasses AM and FM stations in New England, Florida, New York and other areas in the US. The Hall Communications interviews appear on: 99.9 The BUZZ, WBTZ,98.9 WOKO, AM 1230 WJOY, 105.5 KOOL, 105 WKOL,106.7 WIZN.

Dr. Zey was recently interviewed again on the dealing with superlongevity and rejuvenation.  The podcast ran on various AM/FM stations throughout New England, elsewhere, on the Sarah Spencer program.