Career Opportunities

Marketing students find opportunities in a variety of corporate, small business, and nonprofit settings. Marketing professionals can work in sales management, brand management, market research, and advertising. Job responsibilities range from building customer relationships to developing pricing strategies, from promoting services and products to conducting surveys and analyzing market trends. You’ll be prepared for numerous career possibilities, including:

Advertising Marketer
There are opportunities in advertising for marketers interested in account management, research, media/digital media and creative services. Entry-level positions include account services that coordinate advertising projects, media buying and copywriting.
Digital Marketer
The digital marketing manager oversees the marketing strategies pertaining to the online and social media channels of the company. Responsibilities include driving online traffic to the website, search engine optimization, and social/mobile media strategic planning
Market Researcher
Market researchers obtain, analyze and interpret market data to help managers make effective decisions.
Market Analyst
Marketing analyst is responsible for measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns and helping marketing managers develop and utilize quantitative information to plan, implement, and analyze marketing strategies and tactics.
Product Manager
Product or brand managers coordinate marketing programs for brands or services. Responsibilities can include product pricing, advertising and distribution. Entry-level brand assistants grow into brand managers.
Public Relations Professional
Public relations professionals create images and messaging for organizations and individuals and communicate them to the desired audiences.
Sales Professional
Sales professionals typically follow customer leads and close the sale. These jobs can offer independence and flexibility as well as the potential for sizable commissions and advancement into organizational management.