Epsilon Delta Epsilon (ΕΔΕ)

Epsilon Delta Epsilon

Epsilon Delta Epsilon is a Professional Honors Society for the School of Business that is committed to “Excellence in Developing Entrepreneurs”. Today, Epsilon Delta Epsilon (EDE) focuses on entrepreneurship, professionalism, academic excellence and leadership. We are a Professional Honors Society dedicated to recognizing and rewarding students who pursue one or all of these focuses.


As a professional honors society, we hold “Professional Events” that are created towards helping you achieve confidence in the business world, learn entrepreneurial skills and network among students, other organizations and people with professional occupations. Whether you are any kind of business major or not, knowing how to handle yourself professionally is important. That’s why we’re here! Though we are academic oriented, we are also a social organization and, in becoming part of EDE, we hope to help you meet new people like yourself, have fun, be active on campus, and feel like you can rely on us for any help. Therefore, we hold “Brother & Sister Events” through-out the academic year like picnics, BBQs, field trips and dinners. EDE may have changed a lot since its founding years, but we are proud of the organization we’ve become, one that is highly respected and recognized in the Montclair State University School of Business.