Geoffrey Chellis

President | Expedia Consulting Group


Geoff Chellis is the President and founder of Expedia Consulting Group, a strategic marketing firm that helps corporate executives translate their business visions into results quickly. 

Geoff draws upon an MBA in Marketing at Northwestern University and 40 years of experience launching new business initiatives in the fast-paced worlds of pharmaceuticals and financial services. Through his consulting firm, Geoff has provided strategic guidance and management of over 100 new product launches at leading pharmaceutical firms such as Pfizer, Novartis and Lilly, along with numerous biotech startups. Previously Geoff has held senior Marketing positions at leading financial services firms such as American Express, Fidelity and JP Morgan.

Geoff provides an objective point of view together with a simple and effective launch approach that expedite decisions, minimizes risk and maximizes results. He was featured as the “Launch Master” in the book The Change Maker's Playbook by Amy J. Radin.