Mimi Feliciano

Founder and CEO | FEM Real Estate LLC

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Mimi Feliciano is Founder and CEO of FEM Real Estate, a Real Estate Investment Company, based in Montville, New Jersey, that develops, owns and manages commercial real estate in the Northeast and is locally focused on redevelopment projects in northern New Jersey.

From 2001 thru 2012, she was Owner and CEO of Lincoln Park Healthcare, the largest nursing home complex in New Jersey, located in Lincoln Park and situated on 37 acres with 706 beds, 800 employees and revenue in excess of $70 million.   Starting in 2001 and through point of sale in 2012,  Mimi took over and expanded this second-generation family business by implementing a three phase new building construction program totaling 200,000 square feet.  She built a visionary state of the art 64,000 square foot building for sub-acute short term care within a luxury hotel like environment, built a 56,000 square foot, “Greenhouse Villa” facility also for sub acute short term care and has approved plans for a future unique 80,000 square foot skilled nursing facility.  All the buildings are designed to promote healing and relaxation through use of gardens, greenhouses and other elements integrated into the medical care recovery environment. 

Entrepreneurship has been a continuing trend in Ms. Feliciano’s career.  At age 19, Mimi became a partner of a 60,000 square foot health club and 550 seat banquet facility, for which she supervised the construction of and subsequently managed for fourteen years.  It achieved significant success with 5000 members and affiliation with IRSA Vanguard, an elite group of health club owners who set industry standards.  Subsequently, in conjunction with raising two children, Mimi and her husband invested in residential real estate, acquiring and managing more than 100 apartment units, a business subsequently sold in 2001.

A dedicated philanthropist, Mimi and her husband donate to many local charities and civic organizations.  In 2009 they invested seed money to fund a coffee plantation operation in Rwanda that was designed to create a self-sustaining economy.  In 2012, Mimi and her husband donated a large gift to Montclair State University to open the Mimi and Edwin Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship within the School of Business.  In 2012, the Felicianos provided Chilton Memorial Hospital with the funds for construction of a new rooftop Healing Garden to open in 2014. 

Ms. Feliciano’s board, advisory board and affiliations include Board Member, Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship; Advisory Board Member, Montclair State University School of Business; Member, Women President’s Organization (WPO); Member WPO Platinum III, 2007-2011, an elite group of WPO members with high volume businesses.