Success Through Analytics

Peter George was an operations manager at a NJ based wine importing company who started Montclair State’s MBA program in 2015 with the hope of broadening his business knowledge.

When he discovered the world of business analytics, that goal quickly changed.

Today, Peter is a successful senior analyst with Advanced Analytics at the global headquarters of Toys “R” Us in Wayne, NJ and a data science consultant for an analytics startup company in Boulder, Colorado. He credits Feliciano School of Business' MBA program with helping him connect the dots between the job he had and the career he wanted.

“I believe, with the knowledge and business background that the MBA provided, business analytics is a perfect harmony of technical problem solving and my engineering background that can be applied to real-world business problems,” said George. “I was challenged as part of the MBA, and I have a newly found respect for business problems that I wouldn’t have obtained otherwise.”

He values the relationships he’s built along the way with both cohorts and faculty, including professors Meziani, Berenson and Mamonov, who he said encourage students to not only learn, but also truly digest – through critical thinking and analysis – the material they taught.  

“They promoted an environment where the students could embrace each problem or topic and discover it within each student’s personal experience,” he said of the professors who made his experience at Montclair a positive one.  “It is easy to talk about a topic to a class of students, but it takes a special skill to encourage a student’s growth.  Their enthusiasm for knowledge and their material exudes from them and is contagious when they teach.”

Peter utilizes that knowledge every day when analyzing data and making recommendations to project stakeholders.  He said his is thrilled with where his career is going and, believes he’s landed the perfect professional function to match his skill set and personality.

“My primary professional goal has always been to help people, with enjoying what I do as secondary,” he said.  “Now, I feel that I have found the best of both worlds and am excited to see where this journey with my MBA and analytics experience under my belt will take me.”