Feliciano Student Team Excels In Simulation Game

Each semester at Montclair State University, students from the Feliciano School of Business in the Elements of Business (BUGN 295) courses compete against major colleges and universities across the world in a simulation game called Global Business Simulation Strategy (Glo-Bus) game. Students in each class are separated into teams and make decisions related to running a business.

Each decision round requires each team to submit 64 decisions, covering key business functional operational areas such as production design, marketing, facilities, compensation and labor, corporate citizenship, and lastly finance and cash flow. The teams are then separated into companies and scored against each other within the BUGN course section based on five financial measures: earnings per share, credit rating, stock price, return on equity, and image rating. In addition, the best performing Glo-Bus companies worldwide are measured and recognized on four performance variables: overall score, EPS, ROE, and stock price.

This past Spring 2020 semester, BUGN 295_05 Team F, was the top-ranked team from that class. They were selected by Glo-Bus to compete in a separate competition after the semester ended.

“The Glo-Bus game has taught me how to apply real business world tactics, if I were a business owner or executive in a company”, said one student, “I learned how to successfully manage the challenges I would encounter and develop strategies to minimize competition”.

Normally, the number of teams utilizing Glo-Bus during the semester ranges from 1,200 to approximately 1,400. The competition pitted the top 10 Glo-Bus teams from the semester against each other. Each team was required to complete 10 decision rounds. BUGN Team F, composed of Samantha Decker, Carlo Ko and Katherine Velasquez significantly placed number seven out of 10 in the Glo-Bus competition, competing against four to five student teams when they were a team of just three.