Feliciano Students Named Google Top Marketers

Feliciano School of Business students in Dr. Patrali Chatterjee’s Digital Marketing Strategy and Return on Digital Marketing Investment course competed in the 2020 Google Ad Grant Online Marketing Challenge this past summer. 

The Challenge was open to higher education students from undergraduate or graduate programs, regardless of major. Students needed to form teams of 2-5 members and register under a verified faculty member, lecturer or instructor currently employed by an accredited higher education institute.

The Challenge was a unique opportunity for students to get real-world experience creating and executing online marketing campaigns for real nonprofits using a $10,000 USD monthly budget of in-kind Google Ads advertising credit through the Google Ad Grants program.

The Feliciano students submitted a proposal to Google for an Ad Grants award as part of the coursework. The student team of Erin Blake, Theresa Evans, Francisco Galindo, Samantha Sajana, and Victoria Speiser were selected as one of the “Top Marketers”

“We had Zoom sessions on Sunday mornings, weekday, and Friday evenings - I believe the students hardly slept during this time,” said Dr. Chatterjee.

The Feliciano student team submitted a strategy to the non-profit organization, New Civil Liberties Alliance. After the Alliance selected and accepted the proposal, the student team received the award of $10,000 and the opportunity to launch a 4-week digital ad campaign.

The student team consulted with NCLA's ad agency Yellow Line Digital, who primarily do traditional print advertising, to set up a Google AdWords Manager account and develop the 4-week campaign.  The goal was to grow their brand awareness amongst their target audiences.

Upon completion of the four week digital campaign was complete, the student team completed a post-campaign strategy presentation which was provided to Google to verify the completion of the challenge along with the goal achievement.

“I am extremely proud of our students on what they achieved, and this experience provided them hands on experience with a project that proved to be successful,” said Dr. Chatterjee.

The student team is now working on their pitch to be one of the few whose work and story will be one of the two featured in the Google Spotlight series. 

“By working on this challenge, I learned in order to have a successful Google strategy you need to continuously adapt keyword tactics, adjust the budget, and change your messaging to reach the maximum number of consumers,” said student Erin Blake.