The Road to Success

Mike Fucci, retired Executive Chairman at Deloitte, was the sixth virtual guest speaker in the 2020-2021 MBA Executive Speaker Series. Fucci is an alumnus, an experienced board leader, and an executive with over 40 years as a practitioner and principal at Deloitte, including four years as the Chairman of the Board.

The first in his family to go to college, Fucci shared his experiences with the students, alumni, and faculty about his time at Deloitte and the challenges he had to overcome to become successful in his career. Fucci started his career as an actuary at Deloitte. Through his work, he gained many clients in the healthcare industry and decided to become an expert in healthcare merger integration.

“I believe for people starting out in their business career to really understand just overall how business works but most importantly how you fit in and are able to navigate through any business,” said Fucci.

Early on in his career, Fucci faced feelings of self-doubt and “imposter syndrome” while grasping an understanding of corporate politics and navigating through a large network. “My blue-collar roots taught me was how to be resilient and how to move forward through any obstacles while maintaining my integrity,” said Fucci.

Fucci highlighted the importance of having equal levels of self-confidence, self-awareness, and ego, “my advice if you really want to succeed in a team setting in an environment where you feel comfortable, you should always look within yourself and do what you can to get more self-confidence.

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