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We’re excited to show off our new home, share some insight to a few of its many features and to provide you with information on how these facilities offer you the opportunity to engage with and support the Felciano School of Business at Montclair State University. Our new 146,000 sq. ft. facility, which officially opened in fall 2015, represents more than a beautiful new building for our academic community – though it is certainly that. Of equal importance is the impact that the facility is having on our ability to enhance and expand the reach as well as the influence of the Feliciano School of Business on the local and regional economic environment. 

We’re thrilled that the new space offers our students with state of the art classrooms, study cubicles and much-needed lounge and community space. And we’re delighted that the new building provides our faculty members with exceptional research facilities and that it will accommodate the expansion of our academic programs. These and similar components represent critical features of a high quality business school. But what separates the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University from virtually all other collegiate schools and colleges of business in the region is its enduring commitment to a two-part mandate: To ensuring a world-class management education experience for our 2,800 students to being a recognized and enduring partner in strengthening the competiveness of New Jersey’s and the region’s economic landscape. 

The new facility enables us to extend our services to enhance the local-start up and entrepreneurial communities through our Feliciano Center and its business incubation space. Our market research labs allow our faculty to engage and support local enterprises so that they can better understand the needs and expectations of their customers. Our executive education space positions us to develop the State’s most critical resource, its human capital, through the creation of non-degree short-course programmatic development for the area’s managers and executives. And the facility provides far greater support and space for the region’s corporate recruiters who are seeking the new talent they require to successfully compete in today’s market. These are just a few of the special features in what we believe is one of the nicest business school physical facilities in the country – precisely the kind of facilities that the students and the citizens of New Jersey deserve. 

I hope you’ll explore this site, get a sense of the new building’s layout and beauty and perhaps decide that you want to support our efforts in some way, including sponsoring some portion of the new facility.