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Lower Level

Trading Floor & Financial Resource Center

The Trading Floor provides students with the practical, real-world experience by building investment portfolios and analyze real-time data in the manner of a professional analyst. This experience will results in graduates better prepared to take on the challenges of the financial workplace.


The Atrium welcomes students and faculty to an area that fosters interaction in a relaxed setting. With comfortable seating and natural lighting, this space is a central meeting spot for students to discuss projects, class assignments or just to relax between classes.

  • Executive Multi-Purpose Room
  • Student Clubs
  • Group Study
  • Small Conference Room
  • Ellyn McColgan Student Services Center

Lecture Hall

Present and future students will be able to return to the Feliciano School of Business to participate in executive speakers’ events and alumni functions in an environment that can easily and professionally accommodate the type of major activities that are critical to a world class management education experience.

  • Interview Room
  • U Classroom
  • Seminar
  • Technology Lab

Second Floor

Group Study

Group study rooms are designed to facilitate collaboration and research. Students are able to engage in cooperative study in small groups.

  • IT Department
  • Dean's Suite

Graduate Study

The Graduate Study rooms provide students a place to connect, collaborate, study or simply relax while in between classes.

  • Executive Ed Classroom
  • U Classroom
  • Flexible Standard
  • Tutoring Open Lab
  • Teaching Lab

Third Floor

Flexible High Tech (FHT) Classroom

The Flexible High Tech classrooms are innovative instructional spaces supporting the interaction needs associated with Project-Based Learning pedagogies. These flexible spaces promote interactive exchange between student group members, with their professors and with other groups as well.

  • Medium Conference Room
  • Center for International Business
  • Group Study
  • Accounting Department

C Classroom

This classroom is equipped with the latest classroom technology to support lectures, speaker presentations and group work.

  • U Classroom
  • Seminar
  • Breakout Room

Fourth Floor

Info Systems Lab

The Information Systems Lab provides real-world industry experience by applying IT for conducting analytics and solving business problems. The students learn from computer based case studies and other activities in a simulated environment.

  • Management Department
  • Info and Operations Management Department
  • Patio


The Terrace provides an outdoor space where students can meet, study or enjoy the amazing view of the New York City skyline.

  • C Classroom
  • Flexible Standard Tech
  • Seminar

Fifth Floor

Large Conference Room

The conference rooms is available for students to meet with faculty and employers. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology and can accommodate speaker presentations, group work, and faculty discussions.

  • Small Conference Room
  • Marketing Department
  • Economics & Finance Department

Marketing Research Office (MRO)

This area provides high quality state-of-the-art market research services to both university and business communities. Students get real-life hands-on exposure by designing, observing and participating in marketing research projects including focus groups, sales simulation and behavioral experimentation.

  • C Classroom
  • Seminar