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The following courses should be completed to have the topical coverage needed to sit for the CPA exam (in addition to the MBA foundation course ACCT 530 - Financial Accounting in a Business Environment and the MBA required core course ACCT 560 - Accounting for Business Managers):


Semester in which the course is offered

ACCT 512 Fundamentals of Federal Taxation Fall only
ACCT 520 Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting I            Fall only.  This course is a prerequisite for ACCT 521 and ACCT 524.
BSLW 503 Business Law I Fall only
ACCT 521 Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting II Spring only.  ACCT 520 is a prerequisite for ACCT 521.
ACCT 524 Auditing Concepts and Techniques Spring only.  ACCT 520 is a prerequisite for ACCT 524.
ACCT 523 Financial Statement Analysis Every Semester

Accounting Certificate

ACCT 512, Fundamentals of Federal Taxation

ACCT 520, Contemporary Issues in Finc Acct. I

ACCT 521, Contemporary Issues in Finc. Acct. II

ACCT 523 Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 524 Auditing Concepts and Techniques

Forensic Accounting Certificate

ACCT 526, Fraud Examination

ACCT 527, Forensic Accounting

ACCT 528, Business Valuation

BSLW 506, Legal Issues in Forensic Accounting

Note: In order to fulfill the requirements for an MBA with a concentration in Accounting, students must complete a minimum of 12 credits of electives, 9 of these credits must be in the area of Accounting.  The remaining three credits may be in Accounting or another area (if you are planning to sit for the CPA exam, please review the table above as you will need to complete all the Accounting elective courses listed above).

We encourage you to call to make an appointment with an MBA Advisor (telephone 973-655-4306) to discuss the scheduling of your elective courses. You may be able to complete your Accounting elective courses required for your concentration while you are completing your required courses, or you may choose to complete the elective courses after you have completed the core courses, however, the latter would extend the timeline for program completion. 

We recommend visiting the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) website.  There you will find detailed information about eligibility requirements for the Uniform CPA Exam, and state-by-state specifics on educational preparation.

For the requirements of the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy, click HERE.

Please note that the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University has Level Two accreditation from AACSB International, and that we also offer an MS in Accounting for applicants with undergraduate degrees in Accounting who would prefer this more specialized curriculum.