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As you strive to reach your academic goals, a graduate assistantship (GA) offers you opportunities to work with faculty members on research and assist them with instructional support. You earn valuable experience, as well as finance your education.

If you secure a GA position, you will receive:

  • Tuition and fee remission for up to 24 graduate credits (semester hours) per academic year. Fees specific to courses or to individual students are not included (for example, supplies, parking or health insurance).
  • A stipend for the full 10-month appointment.

To hold an MBA graduate assistantship you must:

  • be fully matriculated in an MBA program
  • be a full-time student, maintaining a minimum of nine (9) credits per semester, and a maximum of twelve (12) credits per semester
  • maintain at least a 3.00 GPA during each semester of the assistantship
  • be able to fulfill twenty hours of work per week as a GA

How to apply for a GA

Simply mark the appropriate area on the MBA Application. The earlier you complete your application, the greater your chances of consideration for open GA positions.

Academic departments send their recommendations for graduate assistantship appointment to the Graduate School for final approval. The official offer of appointment will be sent to you from the Graduate School. Please note that a verbal offer of an assistantship from a department other than the Graduate School does not constitute an official appointment to an assistantship.

For more information

Please click here or contact the MSU Graduate School by phone (973) 655-5147 or email Graduate.School@montclair.edu.