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The Feliciano School of Business allows students enrolled in other Montclair State graduate degree programs, or in MBA or other closely related graduate degree programs at other business schools and colleges/universities, to register for selected courses in our MBA program. Approval must be obtained in advance from the Montclair State MBA Office and the director or graduate advisor of your graduate program.

In order to receive approval, your director or graduate program advisor must email the MBA office mba@mail.montclair.edu (in subject line: Attention MBA Coordinator: Visiting Student request) and include/confirm the following:

  • his/her name, title and contact information including school phone number and email address
  • your name and name of the graduate program/school in which you are enrolled
  • your status as a student in good standing in your MBA or other graduate degree program
  • the name of the course you wish to take in Montclair State’s MBA program and confirmation that it will be accepted for transfer of credit into your graduate degree program (if possible, it should also include the specific term to which the credit will be applied)
  • confirmation that you have completed the equivalent of any prerequisite(s) for these MBA courses, as noted in our catalog. We reserve the right to request documentation of prerequisites.

Once the request has been received and approved, you will be contacted directly by the Montclair State MBA office.

  • If you are a Montclair State student in another graduate program:  A registration permit will be entered in NEST for the course.
  • If you are a visiting student from another MBA program:  Once your request to the MBA office has been granted, you must (1) submit an online application for non-degree visiting students along with official transcripts from your home institution; (2) notify the Graduate School that your visiting student status has been approved. When you are assigned a CWID (Student ID), you must (3) contact the MBA Office (973-655-4051 or mba@mail.montclair.edu) so that a registration permit may be entered in NEST for the course. Please review the NEST course registration information.

Please note:  A visiting student fee will be assessed upon registration. Visiting students may not be able to register until priority registration is over for our MBA students.

For more information, contact mba@mail.montclair.edu.