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No matter how you envision your future, the Feliciano School of Business can help you achieve your goals and maximize your success. Our business students gain the academic knowledge and hands-on experience that makes them stand out in a crowd.

We design our programs to give you the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in a dynamic global marketplace. You’ll learn to be both flexible and strategic, so you can plan ahead and seize opportunities as they arise. Our highly qualified graduates go on to work in all types of corporations, non-profit institutions, and in the public sector.

The Feliciano School of Business offers a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare you for your chosen career. Take a moment to peruse our list of classes; you’ll see that we have a course of study for you, no matter how general or specific your interests.

Internationally Recognized Program

The Montclair University School of Business is accredited by AACSB International, the highest standard of accreditation for business schools worldwide. Your degree will open up doors you never thought possible.

Strong Student Support

We are committed to your growth and development. Our academic and career advisors partner with you to develop a plan to achieve your objectives. We’re here to guide you every step of the way and help you get what you want from your business education.

Diverse Community

The social and cultural richness of our student body, faculty, and staff is why many people choose Montclair State. You'll be taking classes, joining clubs, and living with students from incredibly varied backgrounds.

Connection to Business

To bridge classroom learning with real-world experience, we bring in professionals in the business community to speak with and advise our students. Many top executives serve on the school’s advisory board.

Innovative Learning

Learning extends well beyond the classroom. Our corporate partners in a wide range of industries provide students with hands-on learning opportunities, including co-ops and internships, lectures on real-life issues, and even the chance to follow them around on a typical business day.

It’s Not All About Business

Approximately 40 percent of your courses will be in subjects outside your major, providing you with a solid liberal-arts foundation. The experience adds value to your degree and enhances your ability to think critically and creatively in all aspects of your life and career.

Successful Alumni

Our alumni include top business leaders in a variety of industries across the country and around the world. Their career journey began at Montclair State, and their continued commitment to the university is a testimony to the value they place on their experience here.