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We are proud that most of our graduates leave Montclair State with actual work experience, having financed their education working full or part time, while attending school here. They also gain valuable experience through internships, guests speakers, professional networking events, career training sessions, and seminars. This demonstrates a verifiable work ethic and drive, which are character traits valued by employers.

Educating the next generation of business leaders means more than providing them with skills to compete in the marketplace. At the Feliciano School of Business, we encourage our students, faculty, and staff members to be active, contributing, and committed members of our northern New Jersey community. These efforts to positively impact our community aren’t ancillary to our mission—they are a vital part of our approach.

Our alumni provide living proof of the value of a Montclair State University degree. They also represent an invaluable source of guidance and assistance as you start your own career. This strong network, built on lifelong professional and personal connections, is a key driver to our success.

Invest in Our Future. Give Today.

Your gift to the Feliciano School of Business is an investment in the future. At a time when private philanthropy is more important than ever, your gift will let us fulfill our promise of providing a quality business education to the business leaders of tomorrow.

Your gift can help us contain tuition costs and increase financial aid. It can help us continue to attract top faculty and students. It allows us to expand our academic programs and maintain our state-of-the-art facilities. And, your gift lets us develop resources and programs that enrich the lives of students as well as members of our larger community.

Make a Difference to You

Your gift to the Feliciano School of Business can provide you with tax deductions, future tax breaks, or a secure fixed income for retirement. Best of all, your gift gives you the benefit of giving back to a place that made a difference in your life.

Make a Difference. Give Today.