Dr. Nicole M. Bryan

| | Felciano School of Business
Telephone: 973-655-4492
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Nicole Bryan is Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at Montclair State University, where she also teaches courses in Management and International Business. Nicole brings over twelve years of experience working across disciplines on issues of ethics and justice. Her research is focused on globalization and the intersection of political, economic and cultural forces. She has taught courses on global business and human rights, ethics and corporate social responsibility, international relations, global business endeavors, international business, international management, conflict transformation and critical thinking. Nicole has participated in several international conferences and workshops in Vienna, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Osijek, Zagreb, Istanbul, Buenos Aires and Panama City. She has worked extensively on issues of post-conflict transformation and reconciliation in the Balkans and recently participated in high level discussions on the future of Bosnia. Nicole received a Ph.D. in Global Affairs from Rutgers University, M.A. from New York University and B.A. from Rutgers University. She works closely with students and serves as a faculty advisor to the International Business Society. Nicole's current work is focused on the role of technology in helping to solve social problems with a focus on human trafficking, child labor and forced labor. She received a grant in the amount of $110,000. from Microsoft Research to study the role of technology in human trafficking along with Dr. Ross Malaga, Dr. Sasha Poucki and Dr. Rachel Swaner. She has presented on business and human trafficking at numerous conferences and contributed to a briefing to the White House along with Dr. Sasha Poucki and top researchers round the country.


Globalization; Corporate Social Responsibility; International Business; International Management; Ethics; Global Business and Human Rights; International Law; International Institutions; Environmental Issues; Technology and Society; Political and Cultural Forces in Business.


  • Ph D, Global Affairs, 2010, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
  • Other, Study of Serbian language, 2008, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Other, Global Activism and Cross-Cultural Training, 2005, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
  • MA, Humanities & Social Thought, 1999, New York University, New York, NY
  • BA, Philosophy and Administration of Justice, 1997, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Professional Experience

  • Director of CSR Initiativies, School of Business, Montclair State University, Department of Management. (July 2013 - Current).
  • President, Nicosa Consulting Group. (2004 - Current).
  • Senior Director, Summus limited. (September 1999 - Current).
  • Assistant Professor, School of Business, Montclair State University, Department of Management. (September 2010 - June 2013).
  • Associate Director, School of Business, Montclair State University, Center for International Business. (July 2011 - 2012).
  • Adjunct Professor, New Jersey City University. (2004 - 2010).
  • Adjunct Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University. (2006 - 2007).
  • Teaching Assistant and Fellow, Rutgers University. (2002 - 2005).


  • Other, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, D.C.. (December 2012 - December 2012). Invited panelist on the future of Bosnia on behalf of Intelligence Community (Confidential).
  • Technical/Professional Work, Center for International Business Education, Columbia University, New York, New York. ( - Present). In charge of coordinating with key stakeholders on the development of a multi-million dollar funding proposal for Center for International Business Education (CIBE).

Honors and Awards

  • Pearson Higher Education One Professor Initiative: Honor the One Professor who Changed your Life , Leah McClish. (September 2013).
  • Research Grant , Microsoft Research and Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. (April 2012).
  • David L. Boren Fellowship , National Security Education Program.
  • Dissertation Research Fellowship , Rutgers University.
  • Teaching Assistantship , Rutgers University.
  • National Science Foundation Fellowship , Rutgers University.
  • Teaching Assistantship , Rutgers University.
  • Equal Opportunity Fund Outstanding Senior Achievement Award , Rutgers University.
  • Rutgers College Departmental Honors in Philosophy , Rutgers University. (May 1997).
  • Rutgers College Honors , Rutgers University. (May 1997).
  • Columbia University Women and Minority Summer Research Fellow , Columbia University.
  • Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholar , Rutgers University.


  • A Time-Sequence Model for Testing Embedded versus Peripheral Corporate Social Responsibility --with Stacey Kessler, et al. --feedback provided and planned submission to Human Resource Management Review.
  • Adult chat rooms and forums: Critical perspectives on the role of networked technologies in normalizing illicit behavior. --with Sasha Poucki
  • Child labor remediation in global supply chains and the role of third party certification --with Anita Sheth and Sasha Poucki
  • Human Trafficking and CSR: Ethical and Legal Perspectives on Corporate Responsibility for Harm --feedback provided at Society for Business Ethics Conference in August...submission planned for Business Ethics Quarterly
  • Human Trafficking and the Role of Business Innovation --feedback provided at IABS Conference in June...planned submission to Business and Society
  • Multi-stakeholder efforts to combat human trafficking in relation to sporting events --research and technology pilot for Super Bowl 2014 --in collaboration
  • New theoretical and practical approaches to risk of exploitation in global supply chains --in collaboration with supply chain group
  • Role of Technology in Human Trafficking -Research funded by Microsoft (July 2012-August 2014) -Interviews with people who search for sex online -Content analysis of online chatrooms and forums
  • Theoretical approaches to evaluating the ethics of online classified ad sites: Why values matter --with Sasha Poucki

Refereed Published Articles

  • Poucki, S., Bryan, N. "Vulnerability to Human Trafficking, Child Labor and Forced Labor among the Roma Community: The role of historical marginalization.". Journal of Intercultural Studies/Routledge,
  • Bryan, N. (2005). “Reflections on Responses to International Terrorism in the Context of Globalization”. Global Ethics: Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science, pp. 151.
  • Welch, M., Bryan, N., Wolff, R. (1999). “Just War Theory and Drug Control Policy: Militarization, Morality and the War on Drugs”. Contemporary Justice Review: Issues in Criminal, Social and Restorative Justice, 2 pp. 49.
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