Dr. Orkideh Gharehgozli

Assistant Professor | Economics | Feliciano School of Business
Location: SBUS 535
Telephone: 973-655-7504
Email: gharehgozlio@montclair.edu


Applied Econometrics, Statistics, Income Inequality, Labor Economic


  • Ph D, Economics, 2018, Graduate Center CUNY, New York, US
  • MA, Economics, 2017, Graduate Center CUNY, New York, US
  • MBA, 2012, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran
  • BS, Material Engineering, 2009, Polytechnic University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Professional Experience

  • , City University of New York. (September 2014 - June 2018).

Honors and Awards

  • Doctoral Student Research Grant , Graduate Center CUNY. (February 2017).
  • Graduate Assistant Teaching Fellowship , Graduate Center CUNY. (September 2016).
  • Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) Research Award , Graduate Center CUNY. (September 2015).
  • Five-Year Graduate Center Fellowship Award , Graduate Center CUNY. (September 2013).


  • Current State of US Economy Post-Pandemic and the Future of Core Inflation
  • Household Occupational Portfolio Choice and the Pro-cyclical Unemployment Gender Gap:
  • Labor Market Bargaining Power and Gender Differential Unemployment in Recessions

Refereed Published Articles

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