Dr. Manveer K. Mann

Assistant Professor | Marketing | Feliciano School of Business
Location: 583
Telephone: 973-655-7013
Email: mannm@montclair.edu


Manveer Mann is an associate professor of Marketing at Montclair State University. She has over five years of experience in higher education teaching in areas including international business, marketing, and retailing. Before joining Montclair State University, she was an assistant professor at Old Dominion University, Virginia. She received a PhD from Auburn University, Alabama. Her research interests span a number of topics in marketing including consumer behavior, social responsibility, and retailing. Her research has appeared in several academic journals including Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, and the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. She has presented her research in numerous international and national conferences including Society of Consumer Psychology, Transformative Consumer Research, Academy of Marketing Science, and American Collegiate Retailing Association.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Retailing, Consumer Behavior, International Business


  • Ph D, Consumer and Design Sciences, 2012, Auburn University, Alabama
  • MS, Merchandising and International Trade, 2009, University of Georgia, Georgia
  • BS, Computer Science, 2006, Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab, India

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University. (June 2012 - December 2014).

Honors and Awards

  • Kevin P. Bradley Outstanding Impact Award , Feliciano School of Business. (June 2021).
  • Community Engaged Teaching and Learning Fellowship , Center for Community Engagement, Montclair State University.
  • Innovation in Teaching Award , Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University.
  • Best Paper Award , American Marketing Association & American Collegiate Retailing Association's Triennial Conference.
  • Best Article of the Year Award , Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education.
  • Highly Commended Paper, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence , International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management.
  • Nominated for the Best Paper Award , American Collegiate Retailing Association Annual Conference.
  • Nominated for Distinguished Dissertation Award , Auburn University.
  • Elizabeth Anne Cook Memorial Award , Auburn University.
  • Ethel L. Parker International Fellowship recipient , American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Outstanding International Graduate Student Award , Auburn University.

Refereed Published Articles

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Published Proceedings

  • Limbu, Y., Pham, L., Mann, M. (2018). Does corporate social responsibility influence hospital brand advocacy? Mediating role of trust and patient-hospital identification. : Proceedings of the Annual 2018 Society of Marketing Advances Conference. Refereed
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