Dr. Ronald J. Strauss

Chair | Accounting and Finance | Feliciano School of Business
Location: SBUS 392
Telephone: 973-655-4174
Email: straussr@montclair.edu


Ronald Strauss, Department Chair, Accounting and Finance Department brings over 35 years of combined private sector and academic experience to both his teaching and research.<br>Research: Ethical content of accounting information; pay for performance - executive compensation; privacy, public interest and AIS; Wall Street values: Business Ethics and the Financial Crisis of 2008.<br>Courses: Financial Accounting; ethics in business, finance & accounting; graduate/undergraduate; coop internships.<br>Private sector: KPMG-NY financial institutions group - six plus years; Merrill Lynch 20 years various senior financial and operating positions including - nine-plus years based in Asia, two years International COO and 3 years fixed income COO.<br>Co-author of Wall Street Values- Business Ethics and The Global Financial Crisis, 2013, Cambridge University Press.<br>Editor - International Journal of Disclosure and Governance


Financial Accounting<br>Global Financial Crisis<br>Ethics in Business, Finance and Accounting<br>Wall Street Values<br>Executive Compensation - Pay for Performance<br>Privacy and Accounting Information Systems


  • Ph D, 2011, Rutgers University, Newark & New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
  • MS, Accounting, 1977, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, USA
  • BS, Business, 1976, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, USA
  • Other, Stuyvesant High School, 1972, Math/Science, New York City

Professional Experience

  • Business Advisor, Spectrum Holdings, LLC.. (October 2003 - April 2007).
  • Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.. (August 1983 - September 2003).
  • Supervisor, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.. (June 1977 - August 1983).

Honors and Awards

  • Best Doctoral Paper Award, 16th Annual Ethics Research Symposium , American Accounting Association. (August 2011).
  • Beta Gamma Sigma , Doctoral Lifetime Member. (May 2011).
  • Best Paper Award, 15th Annual Ethics Research Symposium , American Accounting Association. (August 2010).
  • Doctoral Summer Research Fellowship , Rutgers. (May 2009).
  • Alumnus of the Year Award , School of Management - Binghamton University. (May 2007).


  • Artificial Intelligence and the Categorical Imperative: Unlocking Kantian Analysis – (co-authored with Deniz Appelbaum, Hussein Issa and Wayne Eastman) Under review at Journal of Business Ethics. In this manuscript, we contend that Kantian moral philosophy, rooted in rationality and duty, can and should shape and influence the ethical dimensions of AI systems employed by business.
  • Financial Advisor Misconduct - Are private settlements in the public interest? An Ethical analysis. This article analyzes the well publicized case where a JP Morgan broker was fired for excessive and unauthorized trading. However, the nature of allowable private settlements prevents the public, through FINRA, from benefiting from the necessary transparency to protect the public interest.
  • The case of Carlos Ghosn. This paper analyzes, from the perspective of ethical leadership, the demise of Carlos Ghosn, The former CEO of Nissan

Refereed Published Articles

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Books & Chapters Published

  • Strauss, R., Santoro, M. (2013). Wall Street Values: Business Ethics and the Global Financial Crisis. (pp. 232). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Strauss, R., Santoro, M. (2012). Capital, Credit, and Responsibility in Crisis: What Concepts, Systems, and Ethics are Needed for Future Wealth Creation,Eds. Xiaohe Lu and Daryl Koehn; Part 1, Chapter 1 - Too Big to Fail: Ethical Breakdown of Governance of the U.S. Financial System. Shanghai, China: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press.

Published Proceedings

  • Strauss, R., Santoro, M. (2014). Beyond CEO Pay Levels: An Ethical Analysis of the Effect of the Volker Rule on Financial Industry Executive Compensation (abstract only). Philadelphia: Annual Meeting Society of Business Ethics. Refereed
  • Strauss, R. (2013). On Wall Street Values - Extension to Japan (Abstract Only). Washington DC: U.S.-Japan Research Institute.
  • Strauss, R., Santoro, M. (2012). Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Applying Milton Friedman’s Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility to Wall Street (Abstract Only). Boston MA: Society for Business Ethics. Refereed
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