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The Department of Economics Is Now Offering

New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course

Fall 2018

Every Saturday 9:00 - 11:45 and 12:00 - 2:45

Students must register in both of following two courses:

ECON 250 - Selected Topics: New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course I

ECON 250 - Selected Topics: New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course II  

Students may choose 6 hours of their free elective to take these two courses in one semester back to back to qualify for the NJ Real Estate Salesperson License.

New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course II 

Course Description:  This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of the realestate profession as needed to implement the required NJ 75-hours curriculum requirement.  The course introduces the students to everything from real estate law to property management.

Pre-Requisites to obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson License:

Must complete 75-hours of instruction from a school approved by the New Jersey RealEstate Commission

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States
  • Class attendance is mandatory with limited excused absences
  • Must complete and Pass this course with a minimum of 70% to be eligible take New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam

MSU Students: Can use these six credit hours as FREE ELECTIVE courses