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Secure your spot in a rapidly expanding industry focused on hospitality, sports, events and tourism. Learn about the competitive global and domestic landscape within these industries by completing the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism (HSET) at the Feliciano School of Business.

In the B.A. in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism program, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality, sports, events and tourism industries, learning from world class faculty and industry professionals. Through an integrated approach due to the unique commonality in skil sets in all these industries, our program will provide the knowledge and skill sets you need to achieve success in this large sector which accounts for well over 10% of all employment in the United States. 

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Dr. Yawei Wang
Chair – Department of Hospitality and Tourism
Room 566
Phone: 973-655-4099
Email: wangya@montclair.edu

Elaine Tirrito
Administrative Assistant – Department of Hospitality and Tourism
Room 530
Phone: 973-655-3538
Email: tirritoe@montclair.edu