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The purpose of the MIS lab is to provide real-world industry experience of applying IT for solving business problems.  The students learn from real world computer based activities in a simulated environment. Students are provided hands on experience on IT applications in a structured manner. This helps the students in experiencing the use of IT applications and enhancing their skill sets. The lab is equipped with machines consisting of both Windows and Linux environment, along with upgraded business software like SAP, Visio and Access to MSDN. Graduate Assistants are available in the lab to guide and support the students in the learning process.

Lab Hours
Monday            11am to 6pm
Tuesday 11am to 5pm
Wednesday 11am to 6pm
Thursday 11am to 4pm
Friday Closed


Phone:     973-655-4335


Graduate Assistants in the MIS Lab
Nikita Panchariya  panchariyan1@mail.montclair.edu
Nneka Amorha  amorhan1@mail.montclair.edu