Dr. Vidya Atal

Assistant Professor | Economics | Feliciano School of Business


Telephone: 9736557403

Office: Feliciano School of Business, 534


Dr. Vidya Atal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at Montclair State University. She holds a Master's and a PhD degree in economics from Cornell University. Earlier, she received a Master's degree in quantitative economics from Indian Statistical Institute, India.

She has been teaching Principles of Micro and Macroeconomics and Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis during her three years at MSU. Before that, at Cornell University, she was a teaching assistant for the same courses and for the graduate-level Game Theory.

Dr. Atal's research interests include studying different topics of Industrial Organization, for example, the patent policies in the United States, open source software licensing, firms' strategies while in patent-race or studying their investment decisions in R&D. In addition, she finds several topics in Development Economics very interesting, like female power, intra-household bargaining, migration of labor, right to employment, etc. Dr. Atal's research articles have been published in some of the top-tier peer-reviewed journals in economics, namely, The Economics Letters, International Journal of Economic Theory, and the International Journal of Industrial Organization. She has presented her research in several national and international conferences, like the International Industrial Organization Conference and the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference.

Areas of Expertise

Industrial Organization
Global Economic Development
Right to Employment and Migration of Labor
Game Theory


  • Ph D, Economics, 2010, Cornell University
  • MA, Economics, 2008, Cornell University
  • MS, Quantitative Economics, 2005, Indian Statistical Institute
  • BS, Economics, 2003, St. Xavier's College

Refereed Publications

  • Atal V., Shankar K., (2016). Open Questions in Open Source: Exploring Incentives, Licenses and Competition. . Economics Bulletin.36 (3). (pp. 140-152).
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Published Books

  • Atal V., (2012). Tax Policies, Female Labor Force Participation and Women’s Empowerment. . Economic Empowerment for Women: A Global Perspective (M. Lownes-Jackson and R. Guy ed.), Informing Science Press.
  • Atal V., San Vicente Portes L., (2012). Women’s Empowerment and Households’ Consumption-Savings Decisions. . Economic Empowerment for Women: A Global Perspective (M. Lownes-Jackson and R. Guy ed.), Informing Science Press.

Published Proceedings

  • Atal V., Shankar K., (2013). Developers’ Incentives and Open Source Software Licensing: GPL vs. BSD. (pp. 71). . Academy of Business Research. Refereed

Awards and Honors

  • Excellence in Research Award, Clute Institute (2016)
    Most downloaded article (694 times since publication) in the issue in Journal of Business & Economics Research
  • Engaged Teaching Fellowship, Research Academy for University Learning, Montclair State University (2014)
  • Faculty Honoree, Beta Gamma Sigma (2012)
  • Sage Fellowship, (2005)
    August 2005- May 2010


  • "Deferred Examination," with Talia Bar.
  • "Gender Wage-gap and Empowerment."
  • "Open Source Software Licensing and Complementary Innovation," with Kameshwari Shankar.
  • "Prior Art Search and the Direction of Research," with Alexandra Zaby.
  • "The Big Mac Inequality."