Dr. Ikechi Ekeledo

Associate Professor | Marketing | Feliciano School of Business


Telephone: 9736555451

Office: Feliciano School of Business, 562


Ikechi Ekeledo is an associate professor in the Department of Marketing where he teaches courses in international marketing, international business, services marketing, and marketing management. He received a Ph.D. in business administration (marketing) from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He also holds a M.B.A. in marketing, M.S. in industrial management, and B.S. in operations management from Northern Illinois University. Before joining the Feliciano School of Business faculty in 2005, Dr. Ekeledo was an assistant professor in the College of Business and Management at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, where he taught marketing and management courses for six years. Prior to his Ph.D. program, Ikechi Ekeledo held managerial positions in procurement management (Nigeria), production management (Sealy Mattress Company, Illinois, and Spring Air Mattress Company, New Jersey), and sales management (Macy’s Department Store).

Dr. Ekeledo’s current research interests include: international market entry strategies, international business issues in sub-Saharan Africa, and international services marketing.

His research has been published in leading journals, such as Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS), Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, andJournal of Global Marketing. His JAMS article won the Citation of Excellence for Highest Quality Rating, ANBAR Electronic Intelligence.

Areas of Expertise

International Marketing
International Business
Services Marketing


  • Ph D, Business Administration (Marketing), 2000, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MBA, Marketing, 1984, Northern Illinois University
  • MS, Industrial Management, 1983, Northern Illinois University
  • BS, Operations Management, 1980, Northern Illinois University

Refereed Publications

  • Bewayo E., Ekeledo I., (2009). Export of Manufactured Goods: Challenges Facing Domestic Firms in Sub-saharan Africa in Today's Globalized Economy. Turlock, California. Journal of International Business and Economics.9 (4(2)).
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Published Books

  • Jayachandran C., Ekeledo I., (2007). International Market Entry-strategy Choice for Global Service Firms: Is there a Dominant Approach?. (pp. 27-64). Malaysia. Penerbit, Universiti Utara malaysia.
  • Ekeledo I., (2000). Choice of Foreign Market Entry Mode: A Resource-Based Approach. (pp. 226). Chicago, Illinois. .

Published Proceedings

  • Ekeledo I., Kumar A., (2013). Foreign Market Exit of International Retailers: An Integrative Perspective. . AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference. Refereed
  • Ekeledo I., (2007). Using Aftermarket Product Support to Gain Competitive Edge in Export Markets. (pp. 480-488). Ruston, Louisiana. International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines. Refereed
  • Ekeledo I., Jayachandran C., (2007). Internastionalization of Asian Firms: Entry Mode Strategies and Research Propostitions. (pp. 172-182). MSU SGBED. SGBED: Creativity and Innovation: Imperatives for Global Business & Development. Refereed
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  • Ekeledo I., (2001). Foreign Market Entry Mode Choice of Service Firms. (pp. 282). Chicago, Illinois. American Marketing Association. Refereed

Awards and Honors

  • Certificate of Recognition, Montclair State University (2015)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Northeast Business and Economics Association (NBEA) (2010)
  • Ikechi Ekeledo, Who's Who Among America's Teachers (2005)
    Publication in the 9th Edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers 2004-2005
  • Listed in the Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 7th Edition, (2003)
  • The Christina Anne Suntrup/JDF Award for Excellence in Research, Department of Managerial Studies, College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago (1999)
  • Member, Sigma Iota Epsilon (Honorary Management Fraternity), Northern Illinois University (1983)
  • Outstanding Tutor in English, Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois (1977)


  • Determinants of Foreign Market Failure and Exit of International Retailers
  • Export Marketing Strategy: Managing Price and the Price Escalation Dilemma
  • Foreign Market Entry Mode of Services: A Risk Analysis Perpective
  • Foreign Market Entry of Transnational Retailers: Lessons from Unsuccessful Entry Strategies
  • Reactions of Local Retailers to the Market Entry of Foreign Retail Chains