Dr. C. Jayachandran

Professor | Marketing | Feliciano School of Business


Telephone: 9736557523

Office: Feliciano School of Business, 582


Dr. C Jayachandran have over 35 years of experience in teaching Marketing and International Business. He has co-edited several books of readings and published journal articles in this field over the same period. He is also a recipient of two U.S. Department of Education Title VIB grants to develop IB programs and outreach activities.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise:

International Business
International Marketing
Export Management
Marketing Strategies


  • Ph D, Economics, 1978, University of Madras

Refereed Publications

  • Temperini V., Limbu Y., Jayachandran C., (2017). Consumers’ trust in food quality and willing to pay more for National Parks’ brands: Preliminary evidence from Italy. . Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing.29 (2). (pp. 120-138).
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Published Books

  • Jayachandran C., Subramanian R., (2014). Strategic and Tactical Dimensions of Technology Standards Battles: SOny and Blu-Ray. New Delhi & UK. Routledge.
  • Subramanian R., Jayachandran C., (2010). The "Visible" Hand: Government Policy's Effect on Regional Competitiveness of Clusters in Business Clusters: Partnering for Strategic Advantage. (pp. 14). New Delhi, India. Routledge.
  • Jayachandran C., Ekeledo I., (2007). International Market Entry-strategy Choice for Global Service Firms: Is there a Dominant Approach?. (pp. 27-64). Malaysia. Penerbit, Universiti Utara malaysia.
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  • Jayachandran C., (1987). Readings in Integrated Rural Development, Marketing Management and Agri-business. . Oxford & IBH Publishing for Society of Social Economists, Tamil Nadu.

Published Proceedings

  • Johnson D., Limbu Y., Jayachandran C., Reddy R., (2017). The Moderating Role of Service Category Perception in Service Co-Creation. San Francisco, CA. Summer American Marketing Association Conference Proceedings. Refereed
  • Jayachandran C., Limbu Y., (2015). Health Branding and Preventive Health Behavior: Trends in Emerging Markets. Nanjing . 5th Research Symposium, Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED). Refereed
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Awards and Honors

  • Gold Medal in appreciation of my contribution in building institutional relationships, Comenius Unviersity Faculty of Management, Bratislava (2001)
    Awarded a medal in recognition of my contribution to strengthen the relationship between Montclair State and the Faculty of Management, Comenius University
  • NASBITE, "Program Excellence Award" to ITCC for developing and offering outreach services through ITCC , NASBITE (1998)
    Developing and implementing educational and outreach programs to develop export capabilities of NJ based firms.
  • The second Title VIB grant , US Department of Education (1997)
    The second competitive award was given to strengthen the IB program and develop a Center for International Business (CIB) to promote research and academic activities.
  • "It All Started With You Award" by Precision Custom Coatings Inc, Precision CUstom Coatings, Inc (1996)
    For developing and implementing programs to internationalize NJ based Custom Coatings Inc in multiple Asian markets
  • "Excellence in Education" Award, SGA, Montclair State University (1994)
    In recognition of excellence in teaching and service to undergraduate business students
  • "Excellence in Teaching International Marketing Award", Precision Custom Coatings LLC (1994)
    The teaching excellence award was given by Precision Custom Coatings for developing and implementing a business plan to internationalize the operations of this company in multiple markets.
  • The First Title VI B Grant, US Department of Education (1994)
    The two year grant was awarded by the US Department of Education to develop international business education and outreach services.
  • "Outstanding Faculty Member in International Business Education in NJ Award", New Jersey Wortld Trade Council (1993)
    NJ World Trade Council presented the award in recognition of my services in the area of mobilizing federal funding to develop curriculum, faculty development and community outreach.
  • Prof. George J. Abrams Memorial Award for "Excellence in Education", Alpha Kappa Psi, Monclair State University (1993)
    Award given in recognition of outstanding contribution to student teaching and mentoring.
  • Direct Marketing Education Fellowship, Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, NYC (1988)
    Based on a competitive proposal, selected for the fellowship to participate in Professor's Institute in New York.
  • School of Business Merit Award of $2,000, School of Business (1988)
    Award given "in recognition of high level of professional contribution and valuable service to the college".
  • V.C. Rangaswamy Memorial Award for Best Ph.D thesis, University of Madras (1978)
    This competitive award was given for the originality and quality of the research as well as for its value to business.


  • 1. "Role of information, social support and self efficacy in managing diabetes in a non-western culture". This study examines the influence of customer to customer (C2C) interactions on customer willingness to co-produce as service and consumer skepticism toward the focal service industry. This study seek to understand the effects of patient to patient interactions at healthcare on their willingness to co-produce diabetes care for other diabetics in their community. This empirical study is being planned in collaboration with my colleagues Dr. Yam Limbu and Dr. Devon Johnson.
  • 2. "Communicating disease prevention, detection and treatment: testing a conceptual model of message structure and source credibility effects-a cross-cultural study." Message framing and effective communication of messages are imperative for disease prevention, detection and treatment. Unlike previous studies, this research will test a conceptual model of message structure and source credibility effects in disease prevention, detection and treatment contexts. This interdisciplinary study will be carried out in collaboration with MSU colleagues Drs. Christopher McKinley from the School of Communication and Yam Limbu
  • 3. "Message Effects on Early Disease Detection and Prevention Messages: Moderating Role of Message Evidence." No study has examined the utility of a combined framing -evidence approach simultaneously within disease prevention and detection contexts. Hence this study will extend literature by proposing and testing the moderating effects of message evidence on persuasiveness of disease prevention versus detection messages. Two experiments will be conducted to examine the interaction effects of message framing and evidence type in disease detection (mammography screening) and prevention (smoking cessation)contexts. This collaborative work will include my colleague Dr. Yam Limbu and Dr. Christopher McKinley from the School of Communication.
  • 4. “Efficacy of Branding Public Health Campaigns in Changing Health Behavior: examining the role of Branding as a Mediator in Promoting Change”
    While branding as a strategic communication tool had been widely researched and published in commercial sectors, studies on branding in public health campaigns and healthcare marketing are sparse. The proposed cross-cultural research will develop and use a standardized framework to measure the effectiveness of branding of some of the more recent public health campaigns such as ZIKA virus, anti-smoking, handwashing, etc., in select countries.
    This cross-cultural study will be carried out in collaboration with colleagues Dr. Yam Limbu, Dr. Christopher McKinley, Dr. Marion Henrique Ogasavara, Professor at ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Dr. Sherriff T.K. Luk, University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing, China . The results of this study is targeted to publish in elite journals such as the Journal of Services Marketing or Journal of Health Communication