Dr. Devon Johnson

Associate Professor | Marketing | Feliciano School of Business


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Office: Feliciano School of Business, 561


Dr. Johnson’s research interests are in the areas of Big Data & analytics implementation, data-driven marketing Strategies, financial services, healthcare marketing, consumer trust branding, digital marketing, and CRM systems. His research has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, The Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Psychology & Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management and the International Journal of Bank Marketing, among others. Dr. Johnson sits on the editorial Board of the Journal of Interactive Marketing. He has won several awards including Best Overall Paper Award for the 2011 Summer Marketing Educator’s Conference for his research on Virtual Healthcare Communities.

Areas of Expertise

Big Data Analytics Implementation
Services Marketing
Digital Marketing


  • Ph D, Marketing , 1999, The London Business School
  • MS, Marketing , 1990, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
  • BS, Management , 1987, Mona School of Business & Management

Refereed Publications

  • Johnson D., Peterson M., (2014). Consumer Financial Anxiety: US Regional Financial Service Firms’ Trust Building Response to the Financial Crisis. . International Journal of Bank Marketing/ Emeral Insight.32 (6). (pp. 515-533).
  • Johnson D., (2014). Opting Out: The Effects of Consumer Information Sharing Concerns on Perceived Value in E-Banking Relationships. . International Journal of Marketing Studies .6 (2). (pp. 1-14).
  • Johnson D., Clark B., Barczak G., (2012). Customer relationship management processes: How faithful are business-to-business. . Industrial Marketing Management .41 (pp. 1094-1105).

Published Books

Published Proceedings

  • Johnson D., Limbu Y., Jayachandran C., Reddy R., (2017). The Moderating Role of Service Category Perception in Service Co-Creation. San Francisco, CA. Summer American Marketing Association Conference Proceedings. Refereed

Awards and Honors

  • Best Overall Conference Paper, American Marketing Association Summer Conference (2011)
    My co-author Ben Lowe and I won the Best Overall Conference Paper award for the 2011 Summer AMA Conference.
  • Best Paper Award - Sales and Sales Management Track, AMA Summer Marketing Educators Conference (2004)
    My co-author Sundar Bharadwaj and I won the best paper award for the Sales and Sales Management Track.


  • "Competitive Selling of Dietary Supplements: What if Doctors Express Skepticism toward a Drug?"
    Currently under review at the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
    Devon Johnson and Breagin K. Riley
  • Big Data Analytics (BDA) Implementation.
    Working with my co-authors Laurent Muzellek, Trinity College, Dublin and Debika Sihi, Southwestern University, TX, we carried out a survey of 300 key informants in companies with sales of between $10M and $100B. We examined a wide range of empirical and theoretical issues. We anticipate 2 articles from the data set. The first is a managerial article for the likes of a Harvard Business Review, Sloan MIT or California Management Review. This article is on Big Data Analytics Practices. The article will address marketing professional’s conception of the big data analytics concept, what techniques have been implemented, and who is in charge of big data analytics (marketing, IT or external suppliers), and implementation progress. We are scheduled to present the managerial aspects of the study at the October 20th Marketing Edge/Direct Marketing Foundation Conference in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Customer to Customer Interactions and Skepticism Toward Service Providers: The Contingent Effects of Outcome, Self-efficacy and Personal Resources - Devon Johnson, Yam Limbu and C. Jayachandran for the Journal of Business Research. This articles finds that customer to customer interactions only reduce consumer skepticism toward a service firm under certain conditions. The article is currently being written should be in working paper format soon.
  • Determinants of Customer Complaint Recovery in Business to Business Relationships (status data collected. Data analysis is underway. Target Industrial Marketing Management. Status Data collected and analyzed. Manuscript to be written.

  • How you say it: The Role of Message Format on Brand Post Engagement, Gillian, Moran,
    Laurent Muzellec and Devon Johnson.
    The lead author has delayed the project pending completion of her dissertation.

    Abstract: Marketer agreement of what constitutes engagement on social media is far from consistent. Even the understanding of the term engagement defies consistency. Yet social media marketing grew rapidly in response to the lure of enhanced customer-brand engagement. This paper attempts to uncover the drivers of fan engagement, understood as fan behavioral responses, with brand content on social networking sites. Through the application of two widely used content format considerations from the marketing communications literature, interactivity and media richness, we highlight the content components most effective at inducing consumers to exhibit clicking, liking, commenting and sharing behaviors towards branded messages.
  • “Diagnostic and Prescriptive Benefits of Consumer Participation in Virtual Communities of Personal Challenge” Ben Lowe and Devon S. Johnson -
    Under review at the European Journal of Marketing:
    Purpose – The purpose of this article is to show how active participants within personal challenge virtual communities (e.g., virtual health communities, online legal forums etc.) derive learning benefits from their involvement within the community. In doing so the research conceptualizes and tests a model of engagement within such virtual communities.
    Design/methodology/approach – This research was conducted through the design of a survey administered to an online panel of active participants from several virtual health communities. Structural equation modelling was used to test the conceptual model.
    Findings – Along with well researched concepts such as social identification, this research identifies diagnostic and prescriptive benefits as key learning benefits associated with active participation within personal challenge communities. These benefits drive social support which individuals attain from these virtual communities, which in turn drives engagement within the community.
    Originality/value – This is one of the first studies to develop a model of consumer engagement with personal challenge virtual communities. The findings contribute theoretically to the online community literature by showing how learning benefits (diagnostic and prescriptive) transpire within these communities and by showing how these benefits lead to greater community engagement.
  • Devon Johnson, Debika Sihi andLaurent Muzelle
    The Determinants of Big Data Analytics Driven Marketing Decision-Making (manuscript being prepared for submission to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science)

  • Devon Johnson, Laurent Muzellec and Debika Sihi Big Data in Marketing: Opportunities, Obstacles and Ownership, Unser review at Harvard Business Review (Blog article)
  • Johnson, Devon; Yam B. Limbu; C. Jayachandran and P. Raghunadha Reddy “Climbing the Down Escalator: When Customer-to-Customer Interactions are Harmful to Service Firms,” Under 1st review at the Journal of Business Research