Dr. Nilufer Usmen

Professor | Accounting & Finance | Feliciano School of Business


Telephone: 9736557075

Office: Feliciano School of Business, 354


Dr. Nilufer Usmen, has been an MSU faculty member since 1997 and currently teaches International Finance at graduate and undergraduate levels. She comes to MSU with 10 years of teaching experience at Rutgers University and 2 years at Baruch College.

Throughout her career, she has published various articles, books, chapters and proceedings. Her areas of scholarship and research include international corporate finance, stock return distributions, portfolio management and fund performance.

Dr. Usmen received both her B.A. and M.A. from Bogazici University, Turkey. She then obtained a Ph.D. in Business with Concentration in Finance, Baruch College, CUNY.

Areas of Expertise

Close-end Funds
Transfer Pricing
Attribution Analysis


  • Ph D, International Finance, 1988, Baruch

Refereed Publications

  • Usmen N., (2012). Transfer Prices: A Financial Perspective. New York University. Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting.23 (1). (pp. 1-22).
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Published Books

  • Usmen N., Markowitz H., (2013). “The Likelihood of Various Return Distributions”, Chapter 5 in Risk-Return Analysis: The Theory and Practice of Rational Investing, Volume I, 2013. (pp. 208). New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Professional Publishers.
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Published Proceedings

  • Usmen N., (2010). Proceedings, 37th Annual Meeting of NBEA. Montclair, NJ. NBEA. Refereed
  • Usmen N., (2001). Style-Based Attribution of a Portfolio of Closed-End Funds: New Methodology and a Case Study. (pp. 889-895). . GBATA.


  • A paper on the role of currency choice on optimal portfolios has been going through extensive revision and is ready to be submitted soon.
  • A paper titled "A New Look at Discount Returns: Implications for the Global Investor" is under review at the Journal of Investment Management.