Dr. Zaman Zamanian

Chair | Economics | Feliciano School of Business


Telephone: 9736557399

Office: Feliciano School of Business, 530A


Zaman Zamanian is the department chair in the Department of Economics, teaching courses in Real estate, business forecasting and macroeconomics. He brings to the classroom over twenty five years of experience in macroeconomics both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Zamanian developed the real estate concentration along with courses such as Principals of Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate. He is responsible for students participating in internships in the concentration.

Dr. Zamanian received a PhD degree from Indiana University, Bloomington IN and taught at Indiana University and Central Michigan University.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate Finance
Business Forecasting
International Economics


  • Ph D, Economics, 1983, Indiana University

Refereed Publications

  • Kim D., Son M., Zamanian Z., (2007). Is Managerial Discretion Higher in Multinational Firms?. . Global Business and Finance Review.12 (3). (pp. 31-40).
  • Ozenbas D., Zamanian Z., (2006). Day of the Week Effects in Intra-Day Volatility Patterns of Equity Markets: A Study of US and European Stock Markets. . International Business & Economics Research Journal.5 (6). (pp. 45-58).
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Published Proceedings

  • Lord A. R., Zamanian Z., (2009). The Interrelationship of Carbon Dioxide Emissions with Technological and Economics Development. (pp. 1768-1773). . 11th International Conference of the Society for Global Business and Economic Development.


  • Capital Accumulation and Real Income Loss in a Small Economy.
    Submitted to the Economics Bulletin, September 2016
  • Real Estate Investment: Markets, Strategies and Implementation