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At the Feliciano School of Business, our rigorous MBA programs will help you propel your current career to the next level or to shift gears and explore new directions. We offer a rich, progressive curriculum that supports the development of high-demand talents and skills in formats that accommodate busy work schedules. Our courses are taught by accomplished faculty with real-world business credentials and deep knowledge of their disciplines. Our program of study sharpens the analytical, managerial and critical-thinking abilities that are needed for navigating today’s complex and dynamic business world.

Our students engage and connect with the regional business community through our Executive Speaker Series and alumni networking events as well as practical research and experiential learning opportunities. They gain global perspective through a faculty-led international trip, a capstone event that brings to life the challenges and opportunities of emerging economies.

All of our market-driven MBA programs help students develop the analytical, strategic, communication and leadership skills needed for career advancement and growth.

Weeknight MBA - Complete the MBA in as few as 24 months by taking classes two evenings per week.

Hybrid Weekend MBA - Earn your MBA in as few as 24 months through a combination of online study and face-to-face class meetings on alternating Saturdays.

Online MBA - Earn your MBA in as few as 24 months by completing your courses entirely online.

12-Month Accelerated MBA (NEW) - Earn your MBA in 12 months by taking classes three evenings per week plus the convenience of online coursework, all in a cohort-based program.

Bachelor's/MBA 4+1 Program   - Five year program, during which students will spend three years taking courses required for their chosen bachelor’s degree program and in their fourth year, they will complete (along with required undergraduate program courses) 6 credits worth of graduate business (MBA) coursework that both satisfy undergraduate degree requirements and count toward achievement of the MBA degree.