Dr. Rashmi Jain and Dr. Stanislav Mamonov moderated panel discussions at the New Jersey Big Data Alliance 2015 Symposium.  Dr. Jain is the chair of the Information and Operations Management Department and Dr. Mamonov is an Assistant Professor in the same department. Dr. Jain moderated the discussion on "Big Data and Workforce Development" and Dr. Mamonov moderated the discussion on "Big Data and Healthcare".

The New Jersey Big Data Alliance (NJBDA) was established by the Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development and the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute to catalyze the collaboration among New Jersey government, academia and industry that will enable all parties to address the significant and immediate challenges posed by the proliferation of data sources and the resultant deluge of digital data in a strategic and coordinated manner. This unprecedented alliance brings together universities and colleges from across the state, and has the overarching goals of identifying common challenges and areas of synergy, developing joint programs, and ultimately nucleating an effective alliance that will increase our research competitiveness and drive economic development in New Jersey.