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Full-time Internship at the Walt Disney World Resort

Students will participate in a full-time internship at Walt Disney World Resort working a minimum of 32 hours per week. Students may work in a variety of jobs (called "roles") and are paid an hourly rate which varies per role. Some of these roles include merchandise, lifeguards, housekeeping, hospitality, recreation, operations and food and beverage operations.

As part of their internship, students receive world class training at the Walt Disney World Resort, including Traditions (an introduction to the company’s heritage, culture and standards), line of business training, property orientation and on-the-job training. Additionally, there are many other training and professional development activities students can participate in at the Walt Disney World Resort including the professional development series, Disney Exploration series, Conversations With/Career Insights/ Spotlight On Lectures, My Disney Career Series, Disney College Program Alumni Speaker Series, and many online learning offerings targeted on improving career-related skills.

For an in-depth description of the Disney International College Program living and learning  components, visit the Academic Exchange Program.

The New York / New Jersey Experience

A second component of the academic program, which is unique to MSU, is the “NY/NJ Experience.” This includes 5 days of chaperoned trips to top tourist attractions in the NY area. These field experiences are closely incorporated into the students’ curriculum as experiential learning in leisure and tourism. Students have the opportunity to take the information they learned in class to analyze leisure and tourism attractions – a unique, highly valuable component of the MSU program.

Thus, the approximately 10 days spent in the NY/NJ area are divided between class days and field experience. Students are taught by some of MSU's best business school professors. On class days, students have the option of participating in planned social activities in the evening. In addition to the 5 days of coursework at MSU, students will typically spend the equivalent of one 4-hour class a week for 11 weeks at Disney to complete their academic requirements.

This is a sample schedule of the NY/NJ experience. Events are subject to change seasonally.