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J-1 Visa Information

Important Documents

Keep these documents in a safe place at all times.

  • Passport

    A Document issued by your home government.  It is required for all international travel and is considered to be your official identification document outside of your home country.

  • DS-2019 Form

    This is the basic document that allows you to apply for the J1 visa and is proof of your legal J-1 status in the United States.  You will receive  two DS-2019 forms, the first one you used to apply for the J-1 visa travel into the U.S. and a second one that you will receive after you arrive on our campus that has been signed in the lower right corner for travel outside the US including cruise travel.  Attach both DS-2019 forms together and use both of them for any future travel.

  • I-94 Card

    This small white card was stapled into your passport when you entered the United States and is official proof of your J-1 status. The notation of D/S (which stands for Duration of Status) on the I-94 card indicates the time you are allowed to remain in the U.S. Look on your DS-2019 form item 3 to find the ending date of your time to remain in the U.S.

Full-Time Enrollment Required

You are required to maintain full time enrollment (12 credits or more) throughout your experience on the Disney International College Program and as a MSU student. Do not withdraw from a class if the withdraw will result in less than a 12 credit course load.

Travel Abroad and Reentry to the United States in J-1 Status

If you wish to travel outside of the United States and then re-enter the U.S. during your J-1 program, you must be prepared to present the following documents to the Officials at the U.S. Port of Entry:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid J-1 Visa in your Passport (You do not need a valid J-1 visa to reenter the U.S. from Canada or the Caribbean Islands if your visit there lasts less than 30 days)
  • Valid DS-2019 form with a current signature in Travel Authorization Box in the lower right corner of the DS-2019 form. 

You will receive a second DS-2019 form after you arrive on campus and it will be signed for any travel outside the U.S. you may want to make during your time at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Program Completion and the 30-Day Grace Period Following the Completion of the J-1 Program

The beginning and ending dates of your J-1 program are listed on your DS-2019 form, item 3 and you will be expected to move out of your accommodations on your ending date. However, the J-1 regulations allow you to remain legally in the United States for an additional 30 days following your program end date. This is called the 30-day grace period. You are allowed to stay in the U.S. during this 30-day grace only for the purpose of visiting or doing sightseeing travel. You are not allowed to continue working during this time. Therefore, you may depart the United States anytime between the ending date as listed on your DS-2019 form item 3 and 30 days beyond that date.

Please note that after your program end date, you will be responsible for of all your own expenses including housing and meals. You must depart the United States no later than 30 days past your program end date. To remain in the U.S. beyond this date will be considered a violation of your legal status.

Medical Insurance during the 30 day grace period

The HTH medical insurance coverage that you have during your Disney International College Program experience will end on the program end date indicated on your DS-2019. If you plan to stay beyond the end date, you must also extend your insurance coverage. You will be responsible for the cost of additional medical insurance after your DS-2019 end date.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa 2-Year Residency Requirement (212(e))

As a J-1 Exchange visitor, you may be subject to the two-year home country residence requirement (212(e)) which requires that you must "reside and be physically present" in your "home" country for total of two years before being eligible for certain immigration benefits. Check your J1 visa and your DS-2019 to see if you are subject to this requirement.

  1. You are not eligible for an immigrant visa or for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident (immigrant/green card) status.
  2. You are not eligible for an H visa (temporary workers and dependents), or an L visa (intracompany transferees and dependents).
  3. You are not eligible for a change your nonimmigrant status within the United States from J to any other nonimmigrant category except A (diplomatic) and G (international organization) statuses.

For students participating in the Disney International College Program through Montclair State University

As Montclair State University Students with the J-1 exchange student visa status, you are required to follow the United States regulations governing your status.

It is important that if you have any questions,to ask an International Student Advisor in International Services. You may contact us in any of the following ways:

International Services J-1 Visa Advisor

Email: sbusprograms@mail.montclair.edu
Telephone:      973-655-6862
Fax: 973-655-7726

Changing Your J-1 status to F-1 Student Visa Status for Studies as a Matriculated Student (Degre Seeking) at Montclair State University

If you are interested in applying to Montclair State as degree-seeking student, you will be required to follow all admissions requirements and obtain the F-1 student visa, the appropriate visa required for full time matriculated students in the United States.

If  you are subject to the 2-Year Residency Requirement (see above), you will be required to return to your home country before you begin your degree studies in order  to apply for the F-1 visa at the U.S Consulate. This is due to the fact that the 2-Year Residency Requirement regulation prohibits you from changing your status from J-1 to F-1 within the United States.  You must leave the United States, apply for the F-1 visa in your home country and enter the United States in time for your degree studies in valid F-1 status.  Therefore, due to the time restraints, it will not be possible for you to begin your studies as a degree student immediately after your Disney College Program ends. Rather there will be a delay of one or two semesters before you can begin as a degree student.