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Congratulations on your May 2022 Graduation!  

What’s next? Unfortunately, given the current economic environment, you may not have yet secured your dream job, your job offer is now on a freeze, or you are really unsure of what to do next….

Special offer for all May 2022 Montclair State University graduating seniors:

Pursue a Feliciano School of Business 12-month Accelerated MBA with a special cost savings option ($2,000 savings)

 Features of the 12-month Accelerated MBA program:

  • Designed for recent college graduates
  • Complete a general MBA through a combination of in-person and online courses.
  • Includes special features aimed at enhancing students career-readiness
  • Receive individualized career coaching from experts
  • Participate in a mentorship program with alumni and other professionals.

The next cohort of Accelerated MBA students is slated to begin in September, we are excited to offer you a one-time opportunity to jump start your entry into the program. 

If you decide to apply now to our Accelerated MBA program, you can take your first MBA course online this summer, at the undergraduate summer tuition rate. You would then join the incoming Accelerated MBA student cohort and complete the remaining degree requirements over the next 12 months. 

This program is not designed for students who are working full-time hours due to the intensive graduate work load.

If you think that the 12-month Accelerated MBA program might be a good option for you as you seek to expand your post-graduation alternatives, please complete this form and an MBA advisor will contact you.  Or you can apply now!

For more information, call or email:    

April Sime, MBA Advisor

MBA Office:  973-655-4306