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Digital technology is transforming how organizations conduct their relationships with stakeholders, customers, employees and channel partners. The Graduate Digital Marketing Certificate (Online) focuses on honing effective digital marketing skills through exposure to current research in digital technology, analytics, and business cases. Students gain practical experience in leveraging real-world digital marketing intelligence in developing mobile, social, and web strategy for organizations.

Why study digital marketing?

  • Proficiency in digital marketing skills is critical to career growth of marketing professionals.
  • Digital marketing salaries are rising each year.
  • The digital marketing industry provides a growing number of opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Digital Marketing Careers

  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Affiliate Marketing Executive 
  • SEO Executive 
  • PPC Executive 
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Mobile Marketing Executive 

Certificate Highlights

  • All courses are online and asynchronous; certificate may be completed within a year. 
  • Courses include practical application of concepts such as mobile app development, media influencer identification, digital ad buying, and online store development
  • Students gain exposure to current practices, tools and services in the industry.
  • Certificate prepares students to take advanced industry certification exams.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum comprises of eight 1.5 credit graduate courses for a total of 12 credits. Courses include:

MKTG 561 Applied Marketing Management

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to customer value management, strategy design, including segmentation, targeting, positioning and implementing product, price, and promotion strategy.

MKTG 562 Market Analysis and Customer Insight 

This course focuses on data analytics techniques and application of results for decisions including product forecasting, customer lifetime value analysis, experimental design and modeling.

INFO 573 Practicum in E Commerce

This course provides hands-on understanding of how to establish and run an online business. The focus is on using the Web as a channel for marketing and sales.

MKTG 573 Social & Mobile Media: Fundamentals & Analytics

This course covers social and mobile media concepts and analytics. Students learn how to map social media activity and sentiment, and use analytics to identify influencers, track viral activity, and manage content.

MKTG 580 Digital Customer Experience Management

The course provides a comprehensive overview of digital customer experience management. Students learn how to enhance customer experiences in the digital world.

MKTG 582 Integrated Digital Advertising
This course provides an overview of digital advertising. Students learn to target audiences across devices and media, utilizing native advertising, content marketing, dynamic creative optimization and personalization.

MKTG 583 Omni-Channel Retailing

This course promotes understanding of digital retailing and provides insights on achieving success in an omni-channel environment. Areas of focus include retailing, pricing, distribution and merchandising strategies.
MKTG 585 Digital Marketing Strategy and RODMI

This course covers digital strategy development, analytics, the use of digital media technology, including social, mobile, and web to enhance customer equity, brand value and the return on digital marketing investment (RODMI) within the framework of an organization’s overall marketing strategy. 

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