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The Human Resources Management certificate provides a formal education in Human Resources management, and credentials for professionals who have not studied HRM in an academic setting. It is aimed at working adults with an undergraduate or post-graduate degree, and seeks to meet the growing demand for qualified HR professionals. The courses are designed to provide students with strong conceptual understanding of the function of HR, along with real-world skills in talent management, global teams, and analytics.

Why Choose to Study Human Resources

  • The demand for HRM professionals is among the highest for management occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  • Human resources now has a seat at the executive table. Professionals are increasingly expected to be a strategic partner in developing and meeting business strategies.
  • The nature of work is changing…and will continue to do so. HR professionals require new skills in managing global teams, understanding people analytics, and keeping current with the latest trends in talent management.
  • Human resources is, at its core, about the organization by helping people. Human resource professionals play a critical role in developing employees to meet their potential.

Certificate Highlights

  • Classes are designed to prepare HR professionals to become strategic business partners.
  • Cutting-edge course content, including new courses in HR data analytics, and contemporary topics in HR.
  • Classes can be taken entirely on-line, or as hybrids meeting on our Montclair, New Jersey campus
  • All classes can be applied to the Montclair State University MBA program

The certificate program comprises six 1.5 credit, graduate-level courses for a total of nine credits.

Courses Include:

MGMT 562 Organizational Behavior*

Explores the role of modern forces, such as diversity and economic globalization on the organizational environment. It examines organizational systems and structure, leadership, power and influence, team dynamics, motivation, and organizational change and renewal.

MGMT 570 Strategic Human Resource Management

Prepares students to be a strategic partner in business by demonstrating how firms can leverage HR as a source of competitive advantage. Topics include the alignment of HR with business objectives, and the transformation of HR from an administrative to a strategic function.

MGMT 583 Managing the Global Workforce

Exposes students to best practices in managing employees in an increasingly diverse and globalized business environment.

MGMT 584 Talent Management

Presents a comprehensive overview of how to develop an effective talent management strategy. Topics include workforce analysis, talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, leadership development, succession planning, retention, and engagement.

MGMT 585 Human Resources Analytics

Prepares students to systematically evaluate human resources data to make more effective decisions about recruitment, hiring, evaluation, promotion, and termination. The course is designed to expose common statistical errors and demonstrate ways to avoid these pitfalls.

MGMT 586 Contemporary Topics in Human Resource Management

Covers emerging topics in HR to prepare students for managing the legal and regulatory responsibilities of recruitment through termination.


Tuition and Fees for HR Certificate Program

The cost per credit for NJ residents is $713.19 and for out of state residents it is $1,029.21 for 2018-2019 school year. 

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