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What is the mentorship program?

The Accelerated MBA Mentorship Program was developed to help equip our graduates for long-term success. We created this one-on-one support program to provide Accelerated MBA students with expert career advice and feedback, access to industry and job information and experiential learning opportunities. Through our customized platform, students can connect with and learn from alumni and friends of the University regarding: 

  • navigating new career paths, 

  • identifying areas of job growth and demand

  • developing leadership skills, and 

  • expanding professional networks. 

The program allows students to have one-on-one mentorship for the duration of their MBA program. Program mentors are individuals with a passion for giving back and helping students launch themselves as new MBA graduates. 


How do you join?

Students first need to be enrolled in the Accelerated MBA program in order to be eligible. They then need to create a profile and join the mentorship program through a platform called MONTCLAIRconnect.  From their profiles, students search for “Accelerated MBA Mentorship Program,” and complete registration questions. Both mentors and mentees will be matched through MONTCLAIRconnect