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MS in Digital Marketing Analytics - STEM Designated Degree Program 

The ability of marketing managers to see, understand and utilize information for the advancement of their brands has never been more important or accessible through the use of analytics. With the right tools, businesses can make more informed decisions about their digital strategies that help them gain and maintain competitive advantage

Our 30-credit, STEM-designated Master’s degree program is designed for marketing professionals or those entering the field, who seek a grounding in applied business analytics skills and hands-on knowledge of current practices in digital marketing.  Participants will work with real-world data and intelligence to develop mobile, social and web game plans that drive profitable growth by aligning campaigns with consumer needs.  

The program’s unique, balanced blend of analytics and digital marketing content ensures that students achieve proficiency with useful tools and techniques including analysis of large and complex datasets to obtain insights, data modeling and visualization and web scraping. They are able to integrate and apply those skills within the theories and technologies of the digital marketing ‘ecosystem’ – customer experience, programmatic advertising, campaign management, omni channel retailing and social network analysis. 

Students earn professional certifications in Facebook Blueprint Community Manager Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketing Science Professional, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Measurement Certification, Google Shopping Ads certification, Google Video Ads certification, Hootsuite Platform Certification, Hootsuite Social Media Certification, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, Hubspot CMS for Marketers,  and, through a culminating capstone experience that includes a practicum course with experiential projects and live case studies, they are able to demonstrate their abilities to solve problems, and predict outcomes, with the appropriate identification and use of data and information to produce positive digital marketing results. 

Job and career opportunities for Digital Marketing Analytics professionals continue to expand as employers seek qualified individuals to diagnose historical campaign performance, forecast product or service results by market and channel segments, and identify problems or strategic weaknesses in advance of marketing investments.  And growth in labor market needs over the next decade is projected to grow much faster than average. (source: EMSI)

If you are interested in preparing yourself to meet the exciting challenges and opportunities of the digital marketplace, armed with the business, technical and communications skills needed to turn data into informed decision-making, our MS in Digital Marketing Analytics is for you.  

This program is offered in two modalities:

  • Online – Earn your degree online wherever you are – Fall and Spring starts.
  • Hybrid – Blended mix of in-person, hybrid and online coursework – Fall start only.


Contact Us

If you have any general questions regarding the application process and requirements, please email or call us:
Office of Graduate Admissions
Email: gradmissions@montclair.edu
Telephone: 973-655-5147
Fax: 973-655-7869

If you have specific inquiries regarding your program of interest, please contact the Digital Marketing Analytics (MS) Program Coordinator:

*During the summer months, there will be a rotating department chair available to answer your inquiry. Click to find the updated summer chair for this program.*

Program Coordinator: Dr. Junzhou Zhang
Office: Feliciano School of Business, Room 559
Email: zhangju@montclair.edu
Telephone: 973-655-3774