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Understanding that business intelligence is not merely a passing trend, but a savvy business practice for the 21st century, Montclair State University and its Feliciano School of Business have introduced another in-demand MBA program concentration in Business Analytics.

Long-term corporate success depends largely on the ability of leadership to make well-informed decisions. It is important for decision makers to look beyond numbers and, instead, view the organization as a whole to identify a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that guide the future of the business. Organizations increasingly rely on business intelligence professionals who use these metrics to identify data trends, opportunities for growth and areas where the company is weak. Business analysts provide the bridge between an organization’s desire to become more efficient and effective and the data-driven methods for attaining those goals.

In the concentration courses required for this MBA, business analytics students will learn how to:

  • Use data to help find innovative solutions to business problems or expand market share.

  • Become proficient in utilizing  a number of data-mining techniques to drive effective business outcomes.

  • Apply best-practices for designing effective data visualizations.

  • Master the skills to identify, organize and analyze significant data sets.

  • Evaluate and communicate quantitative information for integration with qualitative considerations in decision-making.

Montclair State University has earned a reputation for their top-quality MBA offerings and in-demand program concentrations. Learn more about the MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics here