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It’s Your Time. To Build Community. 

If you’re ready to prepare for a successful business career, you’re ready to join the ranks of our smart, ambitious Feliciano students. We transform potential into polish and learning into leadership skills, to set you apart in the marketplace for jobs and other opportunities. 

Project Management Certificate

Business and technology professionals interested in project management can obtain a new online certificate that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to coordinate, facilitate, manage, and lead projects and other initiatives. Nowadays, project management is widely considered to be the best and most effective method for implementing one-time endeavors that are complex, large-scale, cross-functional, and high stake. The ability to balance taking action with planning, to make difficult trade-off decisions, to navigate organizational barriers to change, to analyze risks, and to drive toward success  are essential in becoming a high performing project manager.

Project Management Career

To achieve project success, project managers play a critical role. They are responsible for managing the project from start to finish. In contemporary businesses and organizations, projects are everywhere, from launching new products and services to working on compliance and regulatory initiatives. Projects can also occur at all levels of the organization, ranging from smaller team-level projects to larger enterprise-class projects that involve people and resources across the organization. Among the industries with the highest levels of project-oriented work are business services, technology, construction, manufacturing, utility, finance, healthcare, and insurance.

Feliciano School of Business

The Feliciano School of Business, embraces small class sizes that foster connections and collaboration with peers, faculty, employers, and corporate partners. Experiential learning —- internships and co-ops, “live” case studies and team consulting projects —- complements classroom instruction and offers real-world evidence of your skills.

Project Management Coordinator

Dr. Te Wu