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B.A. in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism 

Secure your spot in a rapidly expanding industry focused on hospitality, sports, events and tourism. Learn about the competitive global and domestic landscape within these industries by completing the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism (HSET) at the Feliciano School of Business.

In the B.A. in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism program, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality, sports, events and tourism industries, learning from world class faculty and industry professionals. Through an integrated approach due to the unique commonality in skil sets in all these industries, our program will provide the knowledge and skill sets you need to achieve success in this large sector which accounts for well over 10% of all employment in the United States. 

Program Benefits

As the only program in the State of New Jersey combining hospitality, sports, events and tourism into one major, our program offers students:

  • A well-rounded understanding of the connectivity between the hospitality, sports, events and tourism industries
  • Networking opportunities with visiting industry professionals
  • Increased marketability to potential employers
  • First-hand industry experience through a required internship with an option for a second internship
  • Broader career opportunities after graduation due to having an industry focus and experience
  • Executive Speaker Series featuring industry leaders
  • International Exchange programs
  • Faculty-led and credited international or domestic experiential learning opportunities including unique on-site classes in culinary arts, snow sports management, cruise ship management and attractions management.
  • Ability to attain a minor or certificate through free electives in such areas as entrepreneurship and events management (proposed)
  • AACSB Accredited business program

Program Specifics

The Feliciano School of Business aims to provide you with a versatile perspective in the areas of hospitality, sports, events and tourism. Our curriculum explores industry practices, effective communication, and managerial abilities to prepare students for all facets of the industries. In addition to these core competencies, our program will prepare you to:

  • Understand the professional and ethical obligations within each of the four industries (hospitality, sports, events and tourism)
  • Interact with the latest industry technology
  • Perform appropriate analyses to solve industry problems and make strategic decisions
  • Implement leadership techniques, team dynamics and the ethical principles to solve challenges in the HSET industry
  • Develop an agile soft skills oriented mindset used to problem solve, lead and trouble shoot

Why Study Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism?


Global hotel inventory has grown 18% in 10 years with 17 million rooms & 184,299 hotels

•U.S.: $300 billion revenue and 2.1 million jobs in 2017

•NJ: $12 billion revenue and 182,188 jobs in 2018 – counted for 3.4 % jobs in NJ

Food Service

U.S.: $254 billion revenue and 2.1 million jobs in 2017

•NJ: $18.1 billion revenue and 348,300 jobs in 2018

•10% restaurant workforce as part of the overall U.S. workforce

Travel and Tourism

7.8 million U.S. jobs

•1/3 of U.S. services exports

•Global economic contribution of US 7.6 Trillion

•The second-fastest growing sector in the world


5.9 million jobs in U.S.

•Occupies 14% of total budget

•1.5 billion participants globally

•Generate $1,294 of spending per participant


Includes positions in team management, facility management, athlete management and marketing, and general sports oriented marketing.

The second fastest growing sector for brands Sponsorship and licensed merchandise are expected to grow Global sports industry is worth between $480-$620 billion 456,000 jobs in the U.S.

Internship Opportunities 

Sports and Entertainment 

  • Red Bull Arena
  • Madison Square Garden
  • MetLife
  • NJ Jackals
  • Rahway Fitness & Wellness Center
  • Nets
  • Izod Center
  • NJ Devils
  • Walt Disney World
  • Busch Gardens
  • Event Venues
  • Non –profits
  • Event Mgt. Companies
  • Corporate Meeting Planners
  • Convention & Exhibit Planning
  • Corporate, Personal (Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, etc.) Planners
  • Meadowland CVB
  • Liberty Travel
  • Tour Co.
  • Airlines/ Cruise Lines
  • Tourism / research firms


  • Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham Resorts, etc.
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Conference & Convention Center
  • Property Management
  • Country Clubs
  • Cruise lines
  • Casino Hotels
  • Assistant Living/Retirement Communities

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